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Cancer Weekly Education And Knowledge Horoscope


Cancer Weekly

12-05-2024 – 18-05-2024

The impact of stars this week indicates that academic prospects will not be very encouraging. Planetary influences will make you somewhat lazy and your sluggish behavior may not allow you to perform well.

Also, the necessary zeal will be lacking. More effort will be required to succeed in competitive exams and higher education.

The latter part of this week will be better but, you cannot expect major improvement in your performance this week. .

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You will have strong desire to express your feelings to your loved one in the beginning of this week. Even if those attempts are not successful, they will teach you some good lessons for future. The current planetary movements may not be some encouraging and they could bring some painful experiences in your love life. Whether you’re single or in committed relationship, focus on your future rather than being depressed or disappointed this week.

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It will be a good week for health. If you have been suffering from any diseases, such issues can be contained with minimal efforts. Normal fitness and diet routines will be however required to maintain your health. Whatever be the situation, work hard to maintain your weight and fitness. And, if you do not have an exercise regime in place as yet, start it this time.

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The stars this week indicate that income will be satisfactory but there will be some challenges due to some unexpected financial issues around the middle of this week. So, your financial planning has to be proper and all financial obligations, purchases, and expenses have to be controlled. Things will improve after the mid of this week. Speculations will not be profitable during this phase.

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The planets will demand you to take the initiative more often during this week. Career advancement will largely depend on the efforts you make during this week and you need to be in constant motion to meet the expectations. Any undertakings during this period will significantly affect career growth and also your reputation. If you are in business, everything new will attract your attention. You will have the opportunity to explore many things during the latter part of this week. It will be however better to start with small changes in order to gradually move towards large-scale changes in your projects.

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