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Leo Marriage Horoscope 2024

In the beginning of this year, your desire for pleasure and affection will be brought to the fore strongly. Venus may help you to find the harmony in your personal life. In fact, the period will lead you to discover your own inner courage and strength. If you utilize this period effectively, you can expect much better rapport and harmony with your spouse and loved ones. Saturn suggests that there will be turmoil in the relationship with elder members of your family around the month of March.

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Love and Marriage in the Stars: Leo Horoscope Predictions for 2024

Here, the planetary influences may make you contentious, argumentative and impatient. Cooperation, compromise, and adjustments will be required to maintain peace and harmony in your personal life. As the year progresses, you can draw strength from these issues and challenges. Venus is likely to make you feel happy around the month of May. The positive impact of the planets will be felt till around the end of June.

Here your spouse will be more affectionate and loving towards you but complex influence of South Node around the end of June can disturb your equations. The period around July will be very important and highly sensitive. Here some turbulence is expected in your relationship due to some temperamental issues.

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Planetary Influences on Relationship – Marriage Horoscope 2024

Mercury indicates that discussing the matters related to your personal life with your spouse can help you to rectify the situations and deepen your connection considerably during the latter part of this year.

Venus indicates that your personal life will be full of positivity around the month of October. Mars will keep you energized and active on relationship front. But under the influence of South Node the period around the month of November will make you emotionally vulnerable and even a hint of emotional abandonment can bring about frustration. Venus may however help you to restore normalcy and you will have love and charm in your relationship as the year approaches its end.

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