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Anushka Sharma Horoscope & Birthday Predictions: Comeback Hai Mushkil?

In the Hindi film industry, there aren’t many who can claim to be self-made stars. Today, we are discussing one of those rare gems. Anushka Sharma, proving the idioms like ‘beauty with brains’, has carved the path for the actresses of the industry that many would like to follow. Before we move on to Anushka Sharma’s Horoscope analysis, let’s count some feathers on her cap!

From a bubbly-turned-serious Tanni Partner of Rab ne Bana Di Jodi to fierce yet humane Shruti Kakkar of Band Baaja Baarat… To say that she started well would be an understatement. These are the roles that exhibited her craft of acting. Little did anyone know (but never doubted) that she would turn out to be an accomplished, coming of age producer that the industry wanted with movies like NH10 & Pari. Many feathers, you see!

On May 1st, she will celebrate her 33rd birthday. As we miss her both in front of and behind the camera, let’s have a look at her Horoscope and see what astrology has to say about PK’s favourite human!

Anushka Sharma Date of Birth: 01st May 1988
Time of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Ayodhya, UP

Anushka Sharma kundli

Anushka Sharma kundli

According to her birthday, Anushka Sharma’s zodiac sign would be Taurus. In her birth chart, we can see Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter conjunction in Aries. According to the Horoscope of Kalpurush, age 34 refers to the profession. Being the mother of a newborn, she was a little missing from the scene, but there are chances of her coming back to the screen soon. From 10th April to 15th April, the movement of the planets is likely to bring her joy and enthusiasm. That can make her excited for the comeback.

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Saturn is in Capricorn, which transits over her natal Mars. This is likely to make her efficient with her. Drumrolls, as she is likely to make a comeback to films, and there is a strong possibility of her owning the roles she takes on from May to September 2021.

January to March of 2022 also looks great for her in terms of work. Moreover, a favourable Jupiter is also transiting over natal Rahu. In astrological terms, this basically translates to success. Wouldn’t that make her fans ecstatic? And wait! There is more. Jupiter’s Transit in Aquarius on April 6th 2021, will also bring her work-related success in May, June and July 2021.

During the same time, Saturn will transit over her natal Mars, providing her with some different opportunities than what she has been doing before. Now, just when we thought Pari was a spectrum away from her initial roles, she is ready to prove her versatility on another level.

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Unless you live under a rock, you will know Anushka Sharma and her husband, Virat Kohli, have been blessed with a baby girl named Vamika. While both of the superstars in their own fields are back on their turf in their own way, it is about time we have a look at Anushka Sharma’s Kundali and see what it looks like for her in terms of health.

From October to December 2021, her plantes do look weak, and some health issues may bug Anushka Sharma. However, her natal Sun and Moon are not under any malefic planet’s influence. This is a piece of good news, as it tells us that her overall health may be in good shape. Coming back to that period of October to December 2021, she is advised to look after what she eats, as some stomach related problems can be foreseen.

Happy Birthday, Anushka Sharma!

So there may be some health issues, but not major ones. There may be a comeback, which looks really promising. As an Anushka Sharma fan, you cannot ask for more. But being the fans we are, we do. How about an early release or a surprise project from the actress/producer? People can dream! Whatever may be the case, Anushka’s birthday brings her one more reason to celebrate this strong, independent, and powerful woman. Happy Birthday, Anushka Sharma; Ganesha wishes you all the success ahead!

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