Why And How To Perform Utpanna Ekadashi Puja Vidhi?

utpanna ekadashi

Utpanna Ekadashi is the period of Krishna Paksha, which occurs post Kartik Purnima. This day is celebrated after the festival of Devutthana Ekadashi. As per ancient scriptures, Ekadashi took birth from Lord Vishnu to destroy the demon Mur. He had tried to kill Vishnu Dev while he was asleep. This attributed Goddess Ekadashi as a protective form of the Lord. Therefore, Utpanna Ekadashi deems it to be the birthday of Ekadashi. Individuals who commit to observe Vrats for the entire year, start by fasting on the occasion of Utpanna Ekadashi.

Utpanna ekadashi 2020 Date and Tithi Timings

The Utpanna Ekadashi will be observed on the 10th of December, 2020, Thursday. Below are the tithi timelines for the same:

Parana Time On 11th of December: 12:47 PM to 02:20 PM

Hari Vasara End Moment On Parana Day: 09:48 AM

Ekadashi Tithi Starts: 10th of December, 2020, 07:21 AM 

Ekadashi Tithi Ends: 11th of December, 2020, 04:34 AM 

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Utpanna Ekadashi Significance

The importance of Utpanna Ekadashi is beautifully portrayed in various Hindu tales, one of which is the popular “Bhavishya Purana”. It is signified in the interaction that King Yudhisthir had with Lord Krishna. Being connected to the basis of Ekadashi Vrat, this festival is regarded with high prominence. Hence, all the related fasts are devoted to this powerful Shakti (divine energy) of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the fasting done on this day also brings blessings from the Hindu trinity of Gods; Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Hence, if a native conducts the Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat with strong devotion, they are said to be showered with immense grace from Goddess Ekadashi.

Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi

Fasting for Utpanna Ekadashi begins early in the morning and is broken during the sunrise time of Dwadashi tithi. Many devotees also start by fasting from the 10th day (Dashami tithi) and have sattvic food before sunset. Consumption of grains, rice, and pulses is prohibited during this Vrat.

  • The festivity starts by waking up before sunrise, taking a bath, and worshipping Lord Krishna. After completing this Brahma Muhurat ritual, the devotees venerate Lord Vishnu alongside Goddess Ekadashi with prayers and offerings.
  • A festive Prasadam, also known as Bhog, is cooked at home. It is offered to the deities as a gesture of gratitude and to appease them. 
  • Devotees sing many devotional songs and recite sacred Mantras to bring auspicious events in life.
  • Helping the needy, or carrying out good deeds on this occasion is considered extremely favourable. You can also donate clothes, offer food, and relevant items to the poor as per your wish.

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Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Katha

The tale of Mata Ekadashi has been specially narrated by Shri Krishna to Yudhishthir. The Lord had also portrayed the significance of fasting on this festival. The Utpanna Ekadashi Katha begins with the introduction of a powerful demon Mur, who lived during Satyug. He had conquered heaven with his strength. All the Gods tried to stop him, including Indra Dev, Vayu Dev, and Agni Dev, but they all failed. Sadly, they were obliged to land in  Purgatory. Afterwards, Indra Dev went to visit Lord Shiva on Kailash mountain and shared his sorrow. The Lord advised him to seek Lord Vishnu’s help. Later, all the Gods arrived at Kshirsagar and appealed to Lord Vishnu for protection of their lives from Mur. The Lord assured them, after which they went to the region of Mur for a battle. 

The war between Lord Vishnu and demon Mur continued for years. Amidst their battle, the Lord felt sleepy, and hence he went to take rest in a cave. Mur attacked him while he was asleep. At the same time, Ekadashi took birth from Lord Vishnu’s body and fought with Mur. He got unconscious later, and Goddess Ekadashi ultimately killed him. When Lord Vishnu woke up, he learnt about the Goddess who protected his life. The Lord got impressed with her and blessed her with the power that anyone who worshipped her will be liberated from all their sins. 

May Goddess Ekadashi bless you with protection and destroy the evil from your life!


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