Gain Blessings Of The Lord Sun During Chhath Puja Festival 2020

20 Nov 2020

In India, the festival season has been at its peak, bringing people together in celebration. The day of Kartik Shukla Shashthi is observed as Chhath Puja as per the Hindu calendar. It is also referred to as Sun or Surya Shashthi and people celebrate this occasion after Diwali. Majorly, the states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand witness this festival on an immense level. Chhath Puja has gained too much value and honour for quite a long time. People celebrate this day wholeheartedly and on a magnificent level. The celebration is a great spectacle filled with a high spirit. 

Kartik Chhath Puja 2020 Date And Time

Sunset Time For Sandhya Arghya: 5:26 PM, 20th November

Sunrise Time For Usha Arghya: 06:48 AM, 21st November

Shashti Tithi starts:  09:59 PM on Nov 19, 2020

Shashti Tithi ends: 09:29 PM on Nov 20, 2020

Why Is Chhath Puja Celebrated?

Chhath Pooja is conducted to honour the Lord Sun. The Sun is considered as the God and cherished by everyone as the essence of our lives. As per Vedic Astrology, the Sun is believed to be a significator of the soul, father, ancestor, honour, and government assistance. On this day, Shashti Maiya is also paid homage and a person, or children are blessed with the fulfilment of their desires. Besides, Astrology shows that mother Chhathi provides protection to the children along with a long life. She is well-known as Katyayani Maa worshipped during the Navratri festival on the 6th day. 

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Chhath Festival Rituals

Chhath Pooja is a four-day festival that begins on the day of Kartik Shukla Chaturthi and concludes on the Kartik Shukla Saptami. Below is the list of Puja essentials for offering Arghya to the Sun:

  1. Vermillion, diya, rice, coconut, turmeric powder, and sugarcane
  2. Honey, paan, pear, whole herd, caravans, big lemons, camphor, and sandalwood 
  3. Sweets such as kheer-puri, thekua, malpua, and rice ladoos as Prasadam.

The observer must put the above items in soops (bamboo winnowing basket). Light the diya inside the soop along with Prasadam. The Chhath Puja days and respective rituals are as follows: 

  • The 1st day of Chhath Pooja is celebrated as Nahay Khay. Clean the home after taking a bath in the early morning. Having vegetarian meals on this day helps to safeguard the mind from ill dispositions.
  • The 2nd day is known as Kharna. This indicates fasting for an entire day. Water is also not taken on this day. The fast observer can consume jaggery kheer (sweet made of jaggery), fruits and roti in the evening.
  • The 3rd day is observed as Chhath Puja Sandhya Arghya. The Lord Sun is offered Arghya on this day. Decorate a soop with thekua, rice laddoos, and fruits. Then you may offer the Arghya to the Sun God with your family members. During this ritual, you should offer water and milk to the Lord, and worship Chhathi Mata with the soop. Sing devotional songs for Shashthi Devi with everyone at night and listen to the Chhath Vrat Katha.
  • On the ultimate day, i.e. Usha Arghya, you should offer Arghya to Lord Sun in the morning. This must be done at the time the Sun rises and on the banks of a river. Then you can pray for the welfare of your family. The fast is then broken with Prasadam after the rituals are over.

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Chhath Puja Story: The Legend Behind Chhath Puja 

As also hinted in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Chhath Puja marks the day of worshipping Shashti Maiya. A legend mentions that King Priyavrat, who was the 1st Manu Swayambhu’s son, was childless. This brought deep sorrow to him. He was approached by Maharishi Kashyap who guided him to carry out a Yajna. He followed the rituals mentioned by the Maharishi and asked for a son during the Yajna. 

After the ceremony, King Priyavrat and his Queen Malini were blessed with a son. Sadly, he was born as a dead infant. This made everyone in the family extremely heart-broken. After this, they saw a craft in the sky, and Shashti Maa was seated on it. The King offered prayers to Mata who introduced herself as Lord Brahma’s Manas daughter. She also mentioned that she would safeguard every child.

This was a boon for the King as the Goddess gave life to the child using her hands. Highly delighted with Mata's grace, the King worshipped her in gratitude. Since then, Chhath Puja is observed as a festival everywhere. 

May the Lord Sun and Mata Shashti bless you and your family with all kinds of protection and happiness. Happy Chhath Puja 2020!

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