Bitterstick and it’s Benefits


Bitterstick – also known as Chirata is a well-known medicinal plant native to high altitude sub-temperate himalayan regions ranging from the himalayas to bhutan. It tastes bitter and has health benefits derived from every part of the plant.

Chirata is a herb that grows up to 4 feet twice a year. Bhutan and several mountainous regions of northern India have widespread production of the plant. Ancient vedic research describes the various medicinal advantages of this herb. Chirata’s pharmacological properties have been reported in ayurveda, siddha, and unani. Chirata herb is used to treat many illnesses such as hepatic disorders, diabetes and malaria.

Chirayata is called swertia chirata scientifically. In herbal ingredients, swertia species are quite common. Demand for this plant is increasing both nationally and internationally by leaps and bounds due to its many nutritional properties and health benefits. Let’s first decode its nutritional value.

Nutritional Information:

  • Chirata is highly smooth and tastefully hot but very cold by property. It holds an unbelievable amount of nutrients.
  • In addition to antioxidants, this herb contains alkaloids, glycosides such as swertiamarin, amarogentre, chiratol, gentiopicrin, sworthanone, swerchirin, xanthone, palmitic acid and stearic acid, oleic acid, chiratanine and xanthone.
  • It helps in treating various chronic heart diseases.
  • On the other hand, glycosides are responsible for curing congestive heart insufficiency, cancer and diabetes.
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties are also present.
  • Antioxidants also help prevent the spread of infection and increase immunity. Practically, Chirayata has a sour taste due to these compounds.

Chirayata Dosage:

The capsules of chirata are egg-like. They are slightly yellow or transparent. Individuals with liver, kidney or cardiac disease usually have 1 chirayata capsule prescribed per day. Herbal medicinal products like ayush-64, diabecon, menstrual syrup, and melicon V ointment have chirata at varying levels.

You can start your day by eating a couple of these edible seeds for health benefits. Be aware that this seed is known to intensify the heat in your body, so do not eat too much of it in one day. The dose is also based on the age, health and other factors of an individual.

Chirata Benefits:

  • Chirayata methanol extracts have good antidiabetic activity. The herb induces the synthesis of insulin in the pancreatic cells, which naturally reduces blood sugar.
  • Chirata is commonly used for treating inflammation and digestive diseases by people who live in the himalayan and Bhutan areas.
  • Chirayata is known to effectively diagnose and treat epilepsy, ulcers, scanty urine, hypertension, melancholy, certain types of mental disorders and asthma, The blood with any toxins is also cleansed.
  • The hepatitis B virus can be inhibited by chirata.
  • Chirata has anti-malaria, anti-fatigue and anti-ageing effects as well as antimalarial and antibacterial properties. It is very effective in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure problems. It can be very effective. It is used for the treatment of malaria in combination with the seeds of divi-divi.
  • It is helpful in healing fever, cough, joint pain, asthma and common cold. You will restore your health in no time if you take it in capsule form or eat the seeds with your breakfast.
  • Chirata can help reduce headaches, hysterias, compulsions, and shaking fever in small doses via capsule, sipping, or seed.
  • The chirata paste can be used on the skin in the treatment of acne, pickles and eczema.
  • Without stressing your organs, you can drink chirata for safe flushing of toxins from your belly. The herb can be used to fight gastritis, constipation, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, and intestinal worms.
  • Vaginal release is an event that is natural. An infection may, however, be indicated by abnormal or excessive discharge. Chirata is well known for fighting this successfully.
  • Anaemia, which causes blood loss every month, is another common problem in women. Their bodies can be affected both before and after pregnancy. Chirata deals with these most unknown health concerns of women.
  • Chirayates, when combined with other powerful drugs, can be used in small doses to treat potentially fatal conditions such as a scorpion bite.The scorpion bite reactions will last 7-10 days if it’s serious. Intensive medical care is needed for most scorpion bites. Fever and muscle spasms, to name a few, are the consequences of a bite.

Chirata Uses:

Chirayata has a range of culinary uses. Here are some of them:

For Fever And Indigestion: Pull the entire plant’s juice out. Once a day, consume a tea cubicle 1/4 of this meal. Alternatively, dried portions of the chirata plant can be consumed at a rate of at least 1/4 teaspoon per day.

For Nausea: Chirata plant’s roots are powdered. Mix one teaspoon of honey into it and drink it once a day.

For Acne: Combine the neem and chirata leaves in a blender. To make a paste, add water to the powder. Apply to acne. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off in cold water. Repeat until the desired outcome is achieved.

For Diabetes: Half an hour after lunch and dinner, take one teaspoon of powdered chirayata with water.

However, always seek expert’s advice for efficacy.

Safety Concerns:

There isn’t enough evidence to say whether chirata is healthy for pregnant or nursing mothers to consume. Avoid consuming seeds, syrup and capsule chirata on the safer side unless mentioned.

Chirata has also been linked to a spike in blood sugar. So, if you’re having surgery, stop taking it two weeks before. It’s not a good idea to take chirata capsules with diabetes medication because your blood sugar levels could drop too low.

Chirata Side Effects:

Chirata is a very bitter plant. It causes vomiting in people who can not withstand its taste. Although it is well known that it helps to lower blood pressure, keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve a specific limit on blood pressure.The herb can not treat blood pressure issues of a person in isolation. Keep an eye on hypoglycemic symptoms, where the blood glucose levels of someone go far beyond their required limits. An increased appetite, headaches, problems with concentrations, blurred vision, constant peeing, nausea and losing weight are among the early symptoms.

A few people reported feeling dizzy and having their hands and feet go numb after consuming chirata. The herb can have various effects upon different people, so that after an extensive discussion with an ayurvedic doctor it is better to take it in capsule form only.

In a Nutshell,

Chirata or Bitterstick comes with a bundle of benefits whether it is controlling high temperature or treating acne. Loaded with antioxidants, bitterstick intake on the regular basis can surely help to keep your health at optimum level and prevent the common illnesses. So, why not get the taste of this bitter medicine.

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