Pitta-Kapha Dual Dosha: Ayurvedic Guide For Its Resolution and Wellness

Ayurveda is an alternative clinical science believed to be as old as 6000 BCE. As per a few legends, its origination was found in Atharvaveda – One of the four important religious knowledge texts of ancient India. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the idea that the world is made up of Panch-Tatva (five elements) i.e. space, water, earth, fire, and air. It reckons on the foundation of cleaning and sanitizing the energy frameworks of the body. The ethos of our body is controlled by three distinct kinds of energy and we call them doshas viz Pitta, Kapha, and Vata. In other words, “It’s your body type that includes your metabolic constitution, your personality, and your physical characteristics”.

Pitta (The energy of Digestion & metabolism)

Kapha (The energy of Lubrication)


Vata (The energy of movement)

The knowledge about the combination of Doshas, in other words, one’s Bio-individuality, is essential to understand what makes one “unique” and therefore, re helps one make better decisions related to diet, lifestyle, and mental health. When you know what constitution you have, you better understand why you are the way you are.

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Pitta : Oily, sharp, hot, light, fleshy smelling, spreading, and liquid.

Kapha : Unctuous, cool, heavy, slow, smooth, soft, and stable

Vata : Dry Light Cold Rough Subtle Mobile Clear

In the Pitta-Kapha type, Pitta—which consistently needs to prove itself in competitions and goes through presence with solid resolve—joins with the calmer and extremely grounded Kapha — unites with the more sedate and very grounded Kapha — which can’t be bothered and furthermore appreciates putting the feet up and unwinding.

When it comes to the Pitta-Kapha type, these individuals are strong ones among the established sorts — vigorous and strong. This strength enables such individuals to accept positions of authority and advocate themselves well. Also, their steadiness gives sufficient energy to advance and support long and extended projects. The Pitta-Kapha type of individuals are usually CEO material, given that their mentoring and education are competent enough for such a position. The Kapha dosha lends stability whereas the Pitta dosha gives adaptability. To sum up, these individuals have great physical stamina and health and good memory, and excellent capability to learn new things. And, if you have the zest to explore innovative things, then have a look back, you may possess Pitta-Kapha Prakriti.

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Unveiling the stronger side of Pitta-Kapha, now let’s find what happens when the Pitta-Kapha dosha is imbalanced. Individuals tend to be controlling, irrational, judgmental, fiery-tempered, irritable, workaholic, overheated. They may also be prone to rashes and acne. They may experience interrupted sleep, acid reflux, headaches, and loose bowel movements. It has been observed that the Pitta-Kapha personalities gain weight easily, have slow digestion, prone to sinus and respiratory problems, feel lethargic, find it difficult to wake up, and experience food cravings as well as depression.

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The customary watery part among Pittas and Kaphas infers that there is a bountiful of wateriness or smoothness in the individual. This shows up in the excess watery tissues of the body (mucus, bodily fluid, etc.). These individuals generally have smooth skin and slick hair. Further, the propensity towards soundness and in some cases, idleness implies that one may stall or be stuck.

As all the doshas are specifically related to one or more of the Panch-Tattvas, it is important to balance one or the combination in a proper way to ensure that one can stay healthy and full of energy. Being a Pitta-Kapha type implies that two doshas are dominating in your constitution. The essential principle is that to some degree more articulated Dosha should be pacified first.

It is usually best to manage a dual dosha Prakriti according to the season. Whereas Kapha is more prominent from February to May, Pitta is dominant from June to September. All said & done, as a Pitta-Kapha personality you need to follow a pitta-mollifying routine during the pre-summer and summer seasons particularly when the climate is blistering, and follow a Kapha-appeasing routine during the cooler seasons like fall, winter, and late-winter, particularly when the climate is cool and sodden.

Most importantly, try not to skip meals and it is strictly NO NO to fasting. Don’t hold back from eating until you are eagerly ravenous, even if you can be so busy with your work that you don’t find time to eat. This can build up acidity and make you cranky.

It’s ideal to start the day with some fruits and cereals followed by a good heavy meal for lunch. Keep the dinners light and don’t forget to keep a minimum 2 hours gap between your dinner and sleep. This helps for better digestion and ease away stomach issues. In case you crave some snacks in between your meals, go for sweet succulent fruits.

At times, when an individual feels lopsided, it’s suggested they stay away from food varieties that are like their dosha. Besides, an individual may have to change their eating regimen depending on the seasons. It is expedient to avoid those ingredients which aggravate Pitta-Kapha dosha eg. Spicy foods.

Contrarily, one should include more energizing foods such as fruits, green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, whole grains like oats, etc., low-fat cheese, eggs, unprocessed meats, etc. in their daily diet when dealing with Pitta-Kapha quality.

To get the elements responsible for the Pitt-Kapha dosha in equilibrium, there are many accompaniments. Yoga and Ayurveda are two ways interweaved in such a savvy relationship that it is difficult to envision going down on one of these ways without awareness of the other. The majority of the research on exercise and Ayurveda encompasses moderate, delicate developments, like yoga and jiu-jitsu. These activities have been appeared to have various medical advantages, like improved personal satisfaction, actual wellness, and stress the executives

For the Pitta-Kapha individuals, sports or group activities are a brilliant method to remain dynamic while fulfilling normal intensity. If planning for individual exercises or with an amigo, one should zero in on a mix of cardio and weight-opposition exercises to remain intrigued and inspired.

Other extremely important courses are Yoga and Meditation. A 30 min daily regime should be made part of your daily routine as it has been scientifically proven in various researches that Yoga & Meditation is helpful for whole-body healing.

One more thing Pitta-Kapha individuals should include in their daily routine is Triphala – as it is commonly known and which consists of 3 extremely powerful fruits viz Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula. Triphala is exercised as a stimulator for intestines, being useful in absorption, and supporting customary defecations. The mix of these three organic products has a synergistic effect and helps the efficient functioning of numerous other systems too.

Other things that you can do along with the above to maintain balance are :

  • Take a regular ayurvedic massage with coconut, sandalwood, or lavender oils.
  • Protect yourself from scorching heat.
  • Wear clothes made from natural fibers and avoid synthetic clothes.
  • Indulge in water-based activities. Drink a lot of water at room temperature.
  • Balance your work & life. Do not get too workaholic during family time.

Remember that your advancement toward equilibrium and wellbeing is relative to how well you adhere to the rules of diet and way of life. Old habits, at times, do not easily allow one to change their way of living and routine. One needs to be strong-minded enough to set the sail against the winds if success is the real intention. Initially, the progressions might be slow but to accomplish the progress, required changes should be made. You and Only You can decide the pace of your progress towards good health and well-being and it is very important to follow the correct treatment and correct diet. For that, you can always consult ayurvedic experts or get your detailed dosha analysis done by experts.

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