Nakshatra – Jyeshta

Mirroring the glorious attributes of its ruling deity Indra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra is set apart by the overall qualities of material wealth, magnificence and accomplishment. Maintaining the defensive aspect of Indra, Jyeshta Nakshatra’s general attributes of conservatism, thoughtfulness and emphasis on humanitarian deeds are its driving resource. Jyeshta comes full circle the second arrangement of Nakshatra starting with that of Magha.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Astrology

This Nakshatra is controlled by Mercury and is present from degrees 16:40 – 30 in Scorpio. According to Nakshatra Astrology 2024, the year’s start will be amazingly advantageous for you according to your work purpose. The ruling deity is Vishnu, and Eldest sister, river Ganges symbolise the Nakshatra.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The male native of the Jyeshta Nakshatra is very pure-minded and sober. However, as he does not believe in flaunting his qualities, others may not notice his characteristics. Besides, he cannot keep secrets, no matter how privileged the information someone is giving him. Hence, it is better not to confide sensitive things to him. They take this open-mindedness to such extents that when they have something to tell someone, Jyeshta male natives cannot even sleep till they get it off their chests. These natives can be short-tempered and stubborn, because of which they often face problems in life. Also, he does not take anyone’s advice but does only as his conscience bids him.

The male native of the Jyeshta Nakshatra leaves his home at a young age, either for education or work. He wishes to earn his living by his methods and standards. He is a challenging and sincere worker, and therefore progresses faster. However, job changes are also frequent. He mayl have to struggle a lot till the age of 50 and settle down only after that. The most troubling period will be between the ages of 18 and 26, during which he will have to face all kinds of problems. Therefore, he is also advised to remain cool and calm and tackle things maturely, and wait patiently for better times to come.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Male: Compatibility and Family Life

The natives of this Nakshatra cannot expect any support from his siblings or mother. His immediate family members generally do not like him, mainly because they want to maintain their individuality and are independent thinkers. Even his spouse may dominate him, and will never allow any intoxication. On the whole, his conjugal life will be smooth and harmonious. He may suffer from minor health problems from time to time, but nothing major.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Male: Health and Well-Being

The male native of the Jyeshta Nakshatra may experience health issues such as cold, stomach problems, asthmatic attacks, dysentery, frequent fevers and pains in hands and shoulders.

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Jyeshta Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female native of the Jyeshta Nakshatra is over-sensitive, can be very jealous, and loves very deeply. She is brilliant, thoughtful, and intuitive. She is also eager to know the opinions that others have about her. She runs her household activities in a very organised manner.

She has average academic qualifications. She is happy by herself at home, basking in the glory of her husband’s success. Therefore, it has been observed that most female natives of this Nakshatra are not earning members of the family.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Female: Compatibility and Family Life

She is usually unable to maintain harmony in the home for whatever reason. It has also been observed that she generally remains childless, and is often harassed by her in-laws. She is meticulous while interacting with neighbours and relatives because they are the persons who usually poison her life. She finds it very difficult to find mental peace in her life.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Female: Health and Well-Being

The female natives of the Jyeshta Nakshatra do not enjoy perfect health. They are prone to uterus problems, prostate gland enlargement or pain in hands and shoulder.

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Jyeshta Nakshatra Padas

Jyeshta Nakshatra 1st Pada: The first pada of this Nakshatra falls in the Sagittarius Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. Financial interests will keep you occupied. You will wish to go for higher studies. Natives are very generous during this pada.

Jyeshta Nakshatra 2nd Pada: The second pada of Jyeshta Nakshatra falls in the Capricorn Navamsa ruled by Saturn. This is a responsible phase, and you will do what is right, not what is convenient.

Jyeshta Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of this Jyeshta Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa ruled by Saturn. Here, the natives are sensitive to others’ needs and do everything in their capacity to help them. Be careful of getting trapped in strange sexual encounters.

Jyeshta Nakshatra 4th Pada: The fourth pada of this Jyeshta Nakshatra falls in the Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. It is easy for you to get carried away by emotions during this phase. The native loves children and is very interested in exploring the exotic sciences.

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Hindu Moon Astrology Forecast 2024 for all Areas of Life of Jyeshta Nakshatra

Stable growth, steep slide, or hit jackpot? What does the new year have in store for Jyeshta Nakshatra 2024? Let’s find out what the celestial bodies have planned for you in 2024. Find out how this coming year will be for you regarding career and business, love and relationship, finance, and health.

Career and Business Horoscope 2024:

The influence of planets from the beginning of the year may bring some good opportunities for progress in your career. If you are doing business, business prospects may increase significantly. The second half of the year is indicating to be a good phase for completing business plans, communicating new ideas and launching new products for business growth.

Your career will get positive momentum in this phase. However, you should remain calm and thoroughly analyze the situations in your career, as the influence of constellations will be complex in the middle month of the year. If you’re running a business, you may also need to review your plan during this phase.

However, as time passes the uncertainty will gradually subside and you will get a chance to reflect and review your career prospects. You will be able to make some work-oriented plans. As the days go by it will become clearer to you how to achieve your goals. Jupiter will also make you feel excited, as there will be many positive developments in your professional life. There are signs of progressive times for businessmen right now.

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Love and Relationship Horoscope 2024:

This year, the mixed energy of the stars will give you enough strength to develop understanding with your beloved. If you have been waiting to get a response from your favorite person, it may help you to get a positive response around the end of January.

As the year progresses, your love life may be generally happy. You are likely to enjoy some exciting moments in your relationship, but under the influence of planets, sometimes your actions will be more forceful than actually intended which may upset your beloved.

With the blessings of the stars, you can enjoy amazing beautiful moments with your partner. If you are in a committed relationship then it will be favorable for you. As the year progresses, it will bring some moments of entertainment and joy in your love life. You may get full support from the planets.

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Finance Horoscope 2024:

As the year begins, the combined influence of the planets will give you some good opportunities for growth. You may need to review or rework your financial plan. Gradually your efforts may bring positive results and financial gains. But avoid borrowing or lending because the influence of negative planets may bring a big change in meeting your financial goals as the year progresses.

Your solid financial planning will help you overcome obstacles and achieve goals. The constellation is indicating some unexpected expenses around the month of April which may disturb your financial planning to some extent. From around June the planets can help you strengthen your financial position. However, the planets may instigate you to take ambitious steps for financial gain.

Investing money in any risky instrument may backfire. As the year approaches the end, you are likely to get some excellent opportunities to strengthen your financial strength. However, the planet indicates that your extravagant side comes to the fore and you may spend on entertainment and pleasure.

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Health Horoscope 2024:

In the latter half of the year, regular work out, diet and healthy living methods will help you recover and maintain good health. Sometime this year, you may feel like practicing new techniques to make major improvements in your health and increase your strength and stamina.

However, these experiments will not prove to be very helpful for you. Instead, you are advised to use proven methods to stay fit. Tension will increase as the year progresses. After October, you are advised to remain calm to avoid fluctuations in blood pressure.

You are advised to consume liquids, soups, green tea, juices and boiled vegetables. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will be beneficial for you to stay fit and healthy and your immune system will be strong. Regular practice of yoga and meditation will prove helpful in saving you from problems related to anxiety and stress.

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Jyeshta Nakshatra Dates 2024
January 08, 2024February 05, 2024March 03, 2024
March 30, 2024April 27, 2024May 24, 2024
June 20, 2024July 18, 2024August 14, 2024
September 10, 2024October 08, 2024November 04, 2024
December 01, 2024December 28, 2024
Some Interesting Facts of Jyeshta Nakshatra

Translation: Eldest sister, river Ganges

Symbol: Earring, umbrella, talisman

Lord: Mercury (Budha)

Zodiac: Scorpio sign (Vrischik)

Deity: Vishnu

Nature: The Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna) or hard (Daruna)

Gana: Rakshasa Gana

Mode: Active

Constellation: 18

Body VarahaMihira: Neck

Body Parashara: Upper hips

Number: 18

Letter: No, Ya, Yi, Yu

Lucky letters: N & Y

Lucky Stone: Emerald

Lucky Color: Cream

Lucky Numbers: 5

Element: Air

Dosh: Vata

Bird Name: Brahmani Duck

Yoni/Animal Symbol: A Male Deer or Hare

Tree: Shalmali (Cotton tree)