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Leo and Aries Nature and Nuances

Two fire signs come together. The Ram meets the Lion. The first sign is drawn up against the fifth sign of the zodiac. Will Leo and Aries find their perfect love story with each other?

Find out Leo and Aries Compatibility with their personality, love match and other traits:

Leo and Aries Personality Traits

Leo the ruler of the astrological charts and predictably, is symbolized by the Lion. These are extroverted and extravagant individuals who can shine in the limelight unlike any other sign. They are confident, supremely powerful, and extremely self-assured of their abilities. The sign is fifth on the zodiac chart and comes between Cancer and Virgo These individuals might be flamboyant and free-spirited, but are generous and gregarious at the same time.

Aries is a sign that is symbolized by the strong, powerful, and unflinching Ram. These are social, confident, and ambitious individuals who are not afraid to follow big dreams in life. This is the first sign of the zodiac chart and thus, represents qualities like vigor, spontaneity and child-like enthusiasm. They are exceptional leaders who can truly bring out the best from their team.

Leo and Aries Love Compatibility

This is a match that flies from the word go! Both the Leo man and Aries woman are extremely passionate and extroverted in life and are not afraid of going for anything they want. They form one of the most compatible zodiac pairings in all aspects.

The confidence that oozes from both the Aries man and Leo woman attracts them to each other from the very first interaction. They are both strong, know how to flirt exceptionally well, and have a powerful aura around themselves.

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Pros and Cons of Leo and Aries Compatibility

Pros of the Leo Aries Relationship:

These fire signs are both extremely loyal and committed to their partners. They are very similar in their disposition as well as their deeds, and thus, can understand each other with a lot of ease.

The ambition and drive in both Aries and Leo is extremely high and they are both supportive enough to encourage each other to shine in their respective fields. Their expressive behaviour makes their relationship a passionate, emotionally-charged, and intense affair.

Cons of the Leo Aries Relationship:

The main problem with this Leo Aries relationship is that both both want to be the leaders. They are extremely dominating and find it difficult to obey anyone else. This is where they clash, and this is where they might turn bitter towards each other.

The good times in this relationship often reach high-octane energy and peak happiness. However, the bad times are just as horrible for the duo, where they have heated arguments in the relationship and often end up hurting each other beyond repair. They are both short-tempered, which further adds to their ego clashes.

If they want this relationship to succeed, both Leo and Aries must learn how to take the sidelines once in a while. Only when they will take turns of the spotlight and give each other equal chances to dominate can their equation remain healthy.

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This compatibility between Leo and Aries, like their element, is always on fire! Now whether they rise with blazing confidence in this fire or perish due to the heat is up to how they handle the relationship. They must give each other the time and space to understand the nuances of this equation. Once they commit to each other, they are likely to go all the way, provided they find a healthy way to deal with their frequent ego clashes.

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