Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman: Nature Of Bonding

The Cancer man is associated with the water sign and the Aquarius woman is associated with the air sign, which may make this relationship go through quite some ups and downs. The Cancer man and Aquarius woman will be having a hard time together if they are thinking to have a successful relationship. It’s understandable that every sign has its own differences but the crab and water-bearer are completely in contradiction to each other. Both Cancer zodiac sign and Aquarius zodiac sign need to make major changes in their personality in order to make the relationship last long. But the good point is that neither of them is impatient and won’t decide for breakups easily. The time they give to each other in dating and bonding can be utilized well to know each other’s differences and likes. They should not be hopeless at the start of their relationship and rather they should plan for things in advance so that the problems can be tackled well.

Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman: Love Affair

Both Cancer and Aquarius signs have their own needs and desires and none can take efforts to change that, so both expect that their desires need to be respected. This indicates that a lot of hard work is needed if they are looking for a successful intimate relationship. The Aquarius woman feels that her solitude needs to respected and accepted and the Cancer man, on the other hand, demands emotional support all the time because that is what gives him security and comfort in life. The Cancer man and Aquarius woman couple who fails to understand these differences is bound to fail. However, both of them will enjoy amazing sexual intimacy even if it is for different reasons. Cancer man believes that sex is just an expression of his love and he will feel more relieved in being close to his partner while Aquarius women are into sex for the sake of enjoyment and experimenting new things. However, she will respect the emotional side of sex which her partner values a lot. The supportive nature of Cancer will get him a lot of true friendships. However, the Cancer man is aware of his emotional vulnerability and takes care of keeping a safe distance and not getting indulged into too many people. They are the most loyal and dedicated out of all the signs so you can count on him in times of crisis. On the other hand, the Aquarius woman is an extreme extrovert and likes to be as social as possible. She also likes to keep only a handful of close friends like the Cancer man as she doesn’t want to hurt them because of her nature of getting bored from people easily. Cancer and Aquarius are also loyal and honest in a relationship.

Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman: Level Of Understanding

Both Cancer man and Aquarius woman will find it hard to express their emotions to each other. Aquarius women are a lot elusive when it comes to being expressive about their sentiments. She tries to run away from commitment for as long as she can and would fight against anyone who tries to tie her into boundaries. The water-bearer is ruled by her head who is intellectual as well as compassionate. Cancer men, on the other hand, are very emotional and have major mood swings as well (read more on Cancer man personality). He wants more emotional support from his partner while the Aquarius woman believes only in her own freedom. The crux of the problem is that the Cancer men won’t believe in just sweet words of love to reassure him but he needs more actions to make him calm and realize that the match will succeed. However, the crab and water-bearer also have quite a lot of things in common apart from their things in contradiction. The compassionate and philanthropic nature of Aquarius woman matches with a Cancer man. Aquarius women don’t like to surrender easily to problems and will try their best to solve them at any cost (read more about Aquarius traits). The Cancer man needs to give her some space in fixing her problems on her own. They won’t separate easily as at least one of them will always try to make things work between them.

Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman: Benefits And Challenges

The Aquarius woman will learn to be expressive from the Cancer man and he will try to take some serious steps after the initial period of dating. Cardinal signs like Cancer are very focused and dedicated to their goals but are also close to their homes. They desire family and kids more than anything else. He will emerge as an ideal father who will teach his children to respect everyone. However, it will be hard for the Aquarius woman to be a housewife as the only thing that matters to her is intellectual conversations. Both the Cancer man and Aquarius woman like to socialize and make more friends. She will love to attract people with her charm and he will just sit and watch her. She will adore his excitement and they will be ready to talk almost about anything, anytime. She is attracted to the men who are original and passionate about their goals. She will be attracted by everything that is unconventional. She will try to explore new places and cultures and will be attracted to the honest and dedicated nature of the Cancer man (read more about Cancer traits). She will like it if he takes care of the household chores as she is clearly not the one who can sit at home and they will be flexible in this. They will share an amazing sex life – she will like his delicate approach while he will love the fact that how well she is receiving his passion. The Aquarius woman will always be indecisive about her emotions. On the contrary, the Cancer man will think that she is too cold about her emotions as he is all about expressions. She doesn’t like people who are dependent and needy and she will find him to be one of them. She adores excitement and spontaneity which the Cancer man lacks and she will be compelled to break up as the Cancer man doesn’t even experiment much in bed. The Aquarius woman should take care that the Cancer man doesn’t feel much lonely in her company as this is important for the longevity of their relationship. Aquarius woman is unpredictable whereas he is introvert and this can frustrate him a lot. Cancer man and Aquarius woman are likely to get into fights easily if they don’t compromise on each other. Therefore, it will be very crucial for both of them to comprehend with one another to be compatible, as a couple. Read more about Aquarius man and Cancer woman compatibility.

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