Life And Times of Rishi Parashar & Other Information

Maharishi Parashara, the composer of the Indian astrology, is considered the creator of various mantras, the knower of the scriptures, the theologian and the memoirist. Parashara (Parashar) Muni’s father’s name was Shakti Muni and his mother’s name was Adyashyanti. While in his mother’s womb, Parashar Muni had memorized the Vedas and texts pronounced by his father’s mouth.

Parashar rishi completed his education under Bashkal Rishi, Bashkal Rishi is known as Acharya of Rigveda. According to some known literature, Parashar Muni also educated under Maharishi Yajnavalkya. In the Mahabharata war, Parashar Muni also comes to meet Bhishma lying on the bed of arrows. Let us know about the Rishi Parashar.

Who Was Parashara Rishi?

Maharishi Parashar lived with his mother and his maternal grandfather, Maharishi Vasishta. When he was a child, he considered Vashishtha to be his father. Once Maharishi Parashar’s mother told him that whom you consider your father is actually your grandfather. Maharishi Parashar was very surprised to hear his mother’s words. He asked his mother about his father. His mother told him that his father was killed by the demons before he was born.

Maharishi Parashara got enraged after finding out about the death of his father. He was angry and indignant as to why his father wasn’t saved from demons. Maharishi Parashar decided to organize a yajna through which he could avenge his father’s death.

Maharishi Parashar made up his mind to perform a yagna to destroy both the clans of humans and demons. But around then, Brahmrishi explained to him that the work of a sage is to protect religion, not to take revenge, so he forgave humankind. Thus, the yajna was initiated for the destruction of the demons; many demon clans were destroyed along with the yajna. Then on the persuasion of Pulsatya Muni, Maharishi Parashar abandoned the idea of ​​completing the yagna.

Then Muni Pulastya gave a boon to Maharishi Parashar that “Parashar would codify the Puranas and imbibe the deep mysteries of all the scriptures and gain knowledge of all the scriptures.”

The Life of Maharishi Parashar

Maharishi Parashar’s life is divine, supernatural and unique, he gained knowledge about complex subjects like Dharma Shastra, Ethics, Astrology, Ayurveda and Architecture and provided them for the upliftment of the society.

The Books Of Maharishi Parashar

  • Vrathaprashar
  • Horology
  • Laghu Parashari
  • Parashara Dharma Samhita
  • Parasharoditn
  • Parashar Niti Shastra
  • Parashar Mahapuran
  • Vastushastram
  • Parasara Samhita (Ayurveda)
  • Vrhatparashari Dharam Samhita)

Rishi Parashar was raised by his grandfather Vasisthaji. Veda Vyas Krishna Dwaipayan, the son of sage Parashar, composed eighteen Puranas including the Mahabharata.

Sage Parashar’s Contribution To Astrology

As we learned above, Parashar Rishi has composed a number of texts on various subjects. His texts written on astrology are considered to be very important and original. Rishi Parashar coined the principle of Falit jyotish. According to beliefs, there have been no astrologers like Parashara across the length & breadth of time. Maharishi parashar vedic astrology has importance in the modern world too.

The Story Of Parashar Rishi

There is an ancient and popular story, about Parashar Rishi. Once Maharishi Maitreya urged Acharya Parashar to know about the three parts of astrology.

Hora, Mathematics and Samhita were the three organs in which Hora is considered the most important. Maharishi Parashar has composed the Hora Shastra. Apart from this, we find the name of Rishi Parashar in many Suktas of Rigveda. There is also the description of Maharishi Parashar in Kautilya Shastra.

Parashar’s Brihatparasharroha Shastra contains important works like Rashtriupa, Lagna analysis, Shodashvarga, Rashtrishti, Bhavishyavachana, Dwadash Prakashra, Ayurveda, Marakayoga, Karka, Karkhanasaphal, Kalachakra, Antardasha, Variyoga, Grahasputa, Raja Yoga, Daridyoga, Dashaphal, Bhavrioga, Ashtakha, Trigayo, Trishoga, Ashtakha.

The Birth Period of Sage Parashara

The birth period of sage Parashar is not known, but there is mention of his name in various texts and religious literature. Using these inputs, we can estimate the period of the birth of Maharishi Parashar. He is also mentioned in Arthashastra and Garuda Purana.The period of Parashar is believed to be around that of the Mahabharata period.

According to Srimad Bhagwat, the conversation between Vidur and Maitreya shows that the sage Parashar was living in the fourth ashram (the Sanyasa Ashram, which is from 76 years to 100 years of age). According to the beliefs, Parashar was born about two or three millennia ago.

Parashar And Ved Vyas

As per the tradition, Maharishi Parashar performed austerities on the banks of the Narmada to obtain a son. Pleased with the harsh penance of Parashar, Goddess Parvati gave him darshan and blessed him with a wish. Later, Rishi Parashar was waiting for Dhivar on the Yamuna river shore to cross the river for some work. Then the daughter of Dhivar, Matsyagandha arrived there with a boat. The sage urged Matsyagandha to take him off the shore on the boat.

They began sailing on the boat. In the midst of their journey, Parashar proposed to her for marriage. Matsyagandha placed three conditions before the sage: first no one should see their love, second her purity should remain and third, the fish odour emanating from her body should be converted into aroma.

The sage blessed Matsyagandha and some time later Matsyagandh gave birth to Ved Vyasa between two islands of Yamuna. Later Matsyagandha came to be known as Satyavati. Ved Vyas composed 18 major Puranas of Hinduism including Mahabharata.


Indeed, Astrology is integral to the Indian tradition. And Parashar is integral to Astrology.

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