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India Set To Down Pak (Again) And Retain ICC Champions Trophy Title, Predicts Ganesha

India Set To Down Pak (Again) And Retain ICC Champions Trophy Title, Predicts Ganesha

The lowest ranked team of this Top-8-Teams ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Pakistan started their campaign disastrously by caving in to hot favourite India by 124 runs in their opening match. And yet, here they are again, after defeating South Africa, Sri Lanka and hosts England, to set up an alluring finale to this marquee tournament. India-Pakistan matches may create lot of revenues for the sponsorers and other stake holders. But what do the stars say about your business? Get the 2023 Business Report and know the answers.

However, the Mother Of All Contests in World Cricket, an Indo-Pak Match, is beginning to get a bit boring. Consider this: When it comes to ICC tournaments in all formats, India have completly dominated their arch-rivals and have won 6 out of 6 matches in the World Cup, 5 out of 5 in the World T-20, and 2 out of 4 in the Champions Trophy, which makes it 13 out of 15 games so far. Will this Father Of All Cricketing Contests (tomorrow being Father’s Day) change the fortunes of Pakistan? Ganesha doesn’t think so, and with the help of astrological analysis, predicts another win for India in this 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. Indian team may reach the top again. This may boost the prospects of its players. But what would be your career situation in 2017? Buy the 2023 Career Report and know the future of your career.

Pakistan vs India Final Match ICC Championship Trophy 2017
Date of The Analysis: 18th June, 2017
Analysis Time: 10.00 am
Place of Analysis: Kennington Oval, London

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Astrological Observations:
Question: Who will win the Match?
Pakistan v India Final ICC Championship Trophy 2017 Match.
Horary Number:241 (out of 249)
Date of Analysis:18th June, 2017
Time of Analysis:10:00:00 AM
Place of Analysis:Kennington Oval, London
K.P. Aynamsha:

We have carried out a detailed astrological analysis. As per our analysis, the 6th house CSL Rahu signifies 5, 12 houses. This means the Indian Cricket Team has chances of winning the match. Besides, Dasa Lord Saturn signifies 12 houses which too will boost India’s chances of winning the match. Bhukti Lord Rahu signifies 5,12 house and Antra Lord Moon signifies 12 houses which further indicates India’s chances of winning this ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Final. Adding to this, Sukshma Lord Sun signifies 4,5 houses.

Considering all the parameters, Ganesha feels that India will win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Final against Pakistan.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Sanghapriy Sadanshivkar (Sangamji),

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