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Astrological Prediction For India Vs Bangladesh Semi Final Match

Astrological Prediction For India Vs Bangladesh Semi Final Match

India’s journey to the 2nd Semi-Final Match of ICC Championship Trophy 2017 has not been a cakewalk. While India did beat their traditional rival Pakistan royally, the defeat which they faced subsequently at the hands of Sri Lanka was a big dampener. However, India came out of the gloomy phase and bravely defeated South Africa to finally reach the Semi Finals. The endorsement prospects of India’s players usually get boosted when India wins matches. Will your business prospects too bloom in the near future? Find it out with 2017 Business Report .

Now, Bangladesh awaits India in the Semi-Final Match which is to be played on Thursday morning at Edgbaston, Birmingham (United Kingdom). While Bangladesh cricket team is relatively a late entrant in international cricket, they have raised their standards substantially over the last few years and of late have emerged as a force to reckon with. Many people are guessing who will win the match. There is a lot of confusion. But are you confused as to which profession or business will suit you? Settle the confusion by gaining access to Suitable Career/ Business Field for you report.

There is wide speculation as to who will clinch this semi-final match and move on to the finals. Ganesha has done an astrological analysis to find out who would be the winner in this match. The finding will add further smile to the Indian team and millions of fans cheering for India. As per Ganesha’s prediction, India will win this semi-final match and move on to the finals.

Bangladesh Vs India 2nd Semi-Final Match ICC TrophyDate of The Analysis: 15th June, 2017 AnalysisTime: 10.00 amPlace of Analysis: Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom


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Astrological Observations:

Question: Who will win the Match?Bangladesh v India 2nd Semi-final ICC Championship Trophy 2017 Match.
Horary Number: 245 (out of 249)
Date of Analysis: 15-06-2017,Thursday;
Time of Analysis: 10:00:00 AM;
Place of Analysis: Edgbaston, Birmingham, London,
Long/Lat: 52° N 28′, 1° W 53’
K.P. Aynamsha: 24°.0′.38″

Rule6th Cusp Sbl Signify 6,10,11(1st Team Win)6th Cusp Sbl Signify 4,5,12 (Opponent Team Win)

6th Cus SblJupiter+(7, 1-10, [6, 12]), in the star of Moon(12, 5-6), in the sub of Mercury+(3, 4-7, [10]).

6th Cus Sbl Jupiter signify 6,10 & 5,12Hence, Both Teams have chances of winning the ICC Championship Trophy 2017 Match.

Explanation: We have carried out a detailed astrological analysis. As per our analysis, the 6th house CSL Jupiter signifies 5, 12 houses. This means the Indian Cricket Team has chances of winning the Match. Besides, Dasa Lord Mars signifies 4,5,12 houses which too will boost India’s chances of winning the match. Bhukti Lord Sun signifies 4th house and Antra Lord Mercury signifies 4,5,12 houses which further indicates India’s chances of winning the match. Adding to this, Sushma Lord Saturn signifies 4,5,12 houses.

Conclusion: Considering all the parameters, Ganesha feels that Indian Cricket Team will win the 2nd Semi-final Match against Bangladesh.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Sanghapriy Sadanshivkar (Sangamji),
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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