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How Did Ajaz Patel Take 10 Wickets of Team India?

New Zealand’s Ajaz Yunuf Patel recently took all the ten wickets of Team India in the Mumbai Test Match between New Zealand Vs India. Ajaz not only matched Indian spinner Anil Kumble’s ten-wicket haul, but he also created a spur by becoming the first foreign bowler to do it in India. Horoscope reveals how he made it; let’s find out.

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Ajaz Patel is a New Zealand player born on Oct 21, 1988, in Mumbai. According to his sun chart, he is an Aquarius with exalted Mercury in Virgo, due to which he is capable of mastering technical pursuits such as bowling. The secret of positive outcome and fame in his life is the transit of Jupiter over his birth Moon and Venus. He has clearly benefited from the planetary transits this time, but he may encounter some challenges in the future.

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