Future Of Day Night Cricket Test Matches

डे-नाइट टेस्ट का भविष्य, क्या होगी भारत की भूमिका - ज्योतिषी विवेचना

The much-awaited Day-Night Test cricket between India and Bangladesh was played on Friday 22 November 2019 at the Eden Gardens, called the Mecca of Indian cricket. India’s cricket team, which is occupying the first position in the ICC Test rankings, won this historic match by 1 inning and 46 runs. Former successful captain and current BCCI President Sourav Ganguly invited many great cricketers, politicians and diplomats from the Board of Control for Cricket in India to witness this historic match. The eyes of the whole world of cricket were fixed on this first day-night test played between India and Bangladesh from 22 to 26 November. Not only Kolkata, but cricket fans from all over the country and abroad also got excited about this game played with a pink ball instead of red. Big teams of domestic and foreign fans started appearing on the streets of Kolkata 2 days ago to enjoy this match. But what is so special about the Day-Night Test match was that everyone was so excited about it. This enthusiasm of the fans regarding this format of cricket, along with increasing the responsibility, also raises many questions like how will the future of India be in this form of cricket in the coming times? And most importantly, what will be India’s place in this historic ICC Test Championship? We tried to find the answers to all these questions through the age-old Indian Vedic astrology, let’s know-how will be the future of Day-Night Test cricket? If you want to know your future, talk to our astrologers now!

History of Day-Night Test, Role of India

Although the history of Day-Night Test is not very long, the first Day-Night Test match between ICC men’s cricket team was played between Australia and New Zealand at Edgbaston on 27 November 2015. By the way, the world’s first official Day-Night Test match was played 10 years ago in 2009 between the women’s cricket team of Australia and England. But it took more than 6 years for men’s cricket teams to adopt this pink ball cricket. At present, 11 Day-Night Tests have been played so far, in which the names of almost all the legendary Test teams have been associated. This was the first time for India-Bangladesh when they faced the pink ball with their bat. This India-Bangladesh match is also important because cricket is an issue related to sentiment for Indian fans. They are ready to encourage the game and the players under any circumstances, but five days of play in a Test match, both the working class and the business class, was keeping the fans away from the game. The day-night format will encourage its Test fans to then hit the ground running to encourage their favorite game and players. Another important point in this sequence is that with the increase of Test match fans in India, there is also a possibility of giving life to the Test format, which is backward in terms of number of fans in world cricket. Evidence of this is also visible in the horoscope of day-night test. If we do an in-depth astrological analysis of the horoscope of Day-Night Test, then it is revealed that the sign of Air element in the Ascendant of Day-Night Test is Aquarius. Having a definite and clear zodiac sign in the lagna is considered auspicious in Vedic astrology.

Day-night test cricket horoscope


This horoscope of Day-Night Test cricket dates back to when the first Day-Night Test match was played.

Future of day-night test according to astrology

Aquarius ascendant is considered stable and fruitful in the horoscope. Aquarius has the ability to attract people. The Aquarius Ascendant is considered very different and special, this zodiac does not work on any common or fixed pattern. The presence of Aquarius in the Ascendant of Day-Night Test is direct proof that this format will reach its zenith in the times to come and will serve to take Test cricket back to its golden era. But Shani, the lord of Aquarius, which has been set in the zodiac, so he alone is not capable of giving positive results. At the same time, it is also an indicator that many obstacles will have to be faced before the ultimate goal is achieved. Along with this, it would also be appropriate to add that the lord of the 10th house of the horoscope of Day-Night Test, Mars is sitting in the 8th house with Rahu, due to this yoga, there will be many difficulties in front of the Day-Night Test format which will hinder its development. and will slow down the speed of its circulation as well as create many other difficulties. But the 10th house lord Mars is present with Venus so it will be able to entertain people and make people more enthusiastic towards sports. Along with this, this format will work to connect more and more people, due to which there is also a strong possibility of economic benefits.

The combination of Mars-Rahu in the 8th house of the horoscope not only gives difficulties but also some positive signs like their yoga is a symbol of technologically capable and making good use of modern techniques and upliftment from innovative ideas. Along with this, Sun is present in the 10th house with Saturn, which will create such a situation in front of the Day-Night Test format that some countries will reject this format or appear in opposition to it. However, the placement of the lord of the 10th house in the sign of the lord of the 8th house and the placement of the lord of the 8th house in the place of the lord of the 10th house will encourage countries not interested in this format to play it regularly. Although it is important to mention at the end

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