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Good times on the horizon? Ganesha looks at the possible outcomes of Modi’s US visit.

Good times on the horizon? Ganesha looks at the possible outcomes of Modi’s US visit.

India’s famed Prime Minister Shri Narendra bhai Modi recently visited the United States of America, amidst much speculation and hoopla. As the media and Non resident Indians’ clout went berserk staging, tracking and reporting Modi’s much anticipated visit to the United States, Mr. Modi remained bent on discussing and resolving some of the very key issues, including VISA issues, FDI in India, Civil Nuclear deal etc.

Within a few months of him taking the supremo seat, Modi has met three of the world’s super powers’ top guns already. People admittedly have huge hopes of Modi’s recent outing. What will Modi’s visit to the United States bring for the common people of India? Ganesha looks at the Foundation Chart of the Independent India to predict.

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India is currently passing through the Sun Mahadasha and Venus Bhukti. Venus is the Lord of Ascendant in India’s Foundation Chart, and is placed in the 3rd House.

This implies that there will be immense activity in the field of communication and transport, trade and commerce, business, media, publishing industry,stock market etc. after PM Modi’s visit to the United States of America.

As the transiting Jupiter is moving over a Stellium in the 3rd House of India’s Foundation Chart, the relationship between India and USA is likely to get re-energized, and their partnership will be resumed significantly.

Strong and concrete steps may also be taken by the both sides to counter terrorism.

The transiting Jupiter is likely to encourage growth, efficient practices and effective governance. It will also help in keeping the corruption down.

India has been passing through a big transformation, and there will be some significant policy announcements and reforms during the year 2015. And, that may make a real difference to the Indo-US ties in year 2015 and beyond. The U.S. universities and the U.S. schools will be more than eager to come to India to set up their operations here.

USA will be passing through the Mars-Mercury period from mid April 2015 onwards. So, USA will be eager for enhanced economic cooperation and the U.S. Business houses may invest quite significantly in India, during the later half of year 2015.

The Indian PM, Modi’s visit to the United States may also help to resolve issues blocking implementation of the civil nuclear deal, and may also facilitate the resolution of the WTO issue. There will be more cooperation in exploration of space and scientific developments. India’s defence sector may also find a boost.

Summarily, the Indian Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi’s recent visit to the US will bring good results in the long run, and shall also strengthen the Indo-US relations.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,

Tanmay K.Thakar,

The GaneshaSpeaks Team