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Astrology Analysis Of Sp Bsp Alliance

Astrology Analysis Of Sp Bsp Alliance

In a joint press conference held in Lucknow on January 12, 2019, BSP chief Mayawati and SP president Akhilesh Yadav announced an alliance with the SP to stop Narendra Modi’s victory chariot in Uttar Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. Now it will be interesting to see how successful both of them are in their preparation. Here we will try to know their position by doing an astrological analysis of this electoral alliance of SP and BSP.

SP-BSP Alliance 2019 Announced on January 12, 2019, 12:08, Lucknow

If we talk then this alliance between two major political parties in Uttar Pradesh has been done with a common goal or commitment of dealing with the BJP. Both sides have their own interests behind this and they believe that both will benefit from it. But, The conjunction of both Ascendant and Moon in the 12th house shows that there will be no better harmony between the two partners. There will be a lack of mutual and honest communication between them. Their profit will also be affected by the lack of expectations or mutual understanding between the two sides, which will gradually weaken the alliance.

As the 1st and 7th house lords Mars and Venus are in triangulation from each other, the BSP-SP alliance would appear to work for the common goal of dharma, but due to the placement of both the planets in the eighth and the twelfth houses, the alliance dharma would be affected. There will be a lack of trust and confidence to run smoothly. Because of this, they will be unable to establish clear guidelines for achieving the goal. On the other hand, due to a lack of mutual trust, this alliance will also find it difficult to function smoothly.

After this Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction indicates a decrease in compatibility. The effect of this will be that the workers of both parties will not be able to behave friendly with each other. Not only this, the lack of respect and acceptance will be clearly visible during the campaign and it will be a difficult task for the top leadership of both the parties to establish mutual cohesion, the most important thing for the alliance in their cadres. In such a situation, there is a strong possibility of mutual estrangement and competition among the allies.

Since there are no benefic planets in the Kendra and Ketu is placed in the 10th house, this alliance will fail to yield the expected benefits. Though both the parties will make every effort to show their unity, trust and respect, but all this will be an outward show. Overall, it can be said that, even if this alliance makes some changes in the vote share of BJP, it will not be able to achieve its ultimate goal.

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With inputs from Acharya Bharadwaj