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The Scorpio Factor, Mystery And Power: Sasikala May Emerge As One Of The Most Enigmatic Leaders

Ganesha feels that the time is opportune for the Mannargudi heavyweight to rise high and achieve an important position in the party.

Sasikala Natarajan – the much famous companion and ‘soul-sister’ of Jayalalithaa has seen a fair share of fame and media glare over the years. Things have taken a drastic turn in the southern-most state of India and now, power and fame seem ready to be knocking at Sasikala’s door. The AIADMK party leaders have been urging her to take over as the CM, while on the other hand, there’s a lot of anger amongst some sections against her. In this article, Ganesha feels though her planets indicate strong potential to rise high, the transiting planets will not let her path be an easy one. Some tricky situations and ugly controversies are likely to make things messy for her. Let’s explore what the cosmos has in store for her.

Sasikala Natarajan

Date of Birth: 29th January, 1956

Time of Birth: Unavailable

Place of Birth: Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India

Solar Chart

Get Your Hand-written Janampatri By Our Experts.[Please Note: Due to the unavailability of the credible Time of Birth of Ms. Sasikala Natarajan, the predictions have been made basis the Solar Chart, with the help of the Date of Birth and Place of Birth only. Moreover, the place of birth is also unconfirmed.]

The planets indicate that Sasikala can be a very good strategist, and can experiment with unusual systems of administration.

Ganesha notes that Sasikala is born with the Sun in Capricorn and it is in conjunction with Mercury. This placement indicates good potential for success to some extent in politics. Mercury, which in her Chart is in retrograde motion, is being aspected by Natal Saturn from the Sign of Scorpio, which indicates that she is highly intelligent and will have some interesting ideas up her sleeve. Moreover, this also presents a picture of a person who is a deep thinker and the one who can be quite practical in her decisions.

The Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in the Sign of Leo and this blesses her with fame, high position and social status. Apart from this, Jupiter is aspecting natal Venus. All the the three planets happen to be top-level benefics and the favourable disposition of these planets explains her proximity to such an influential leader as Jayalalithaa and the attention, popularity and support of the masses that she enjoys.

In the Chart of Sasikala, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are in conjunction in the Sign of Scorpio. The union of all the top-rank malefics, that too in the mysterious Scorpio presents a hazy picture about the ‘soul-sister’ of Jaya Amma. Saturn-Rahu together indicates vulnerability to legal issues and the very same combination may create a lot of hurdles and challenges. The combination will create a lot of fluctuations and extreme situations in her life. Because of the same pairing, she may sometimes be accused of being a little superficial or her actions may be considered suspicious. Also, the presence of Mars therein denotes disputes and differences with highly placed figures.

But, on the positive side, as the trio happen to be placed in Scorpio, she would be a person who can devise wise strategies to deal with complex situations and she would be quite a bold individual, who doesn’t mind exploring unchartered territories and trying unconventional ideas. She will also be good at gathering support of people and turning the backing of others into her political strength. But, her strategies may backfire on certain occasions, thus she will have to be extremely careful.

It can be said that she is a highly ambitious person, who doesn’t mind aiming big, as the Signs which are considered highly ambitious – Capricorn, Scorpio and Leo are all occupied by key planets. This configuration makes the person crave for attention, fame and power.

The current scenario:

The favourable aspects:
The transiting Jupiter is currently aspecting the Sun and Mercury which will give a boost to her political career. The transiting Saturn is moving over the natal Saturn which indicates a very crucial and decisive time period for her personal life and political career as well. The period between mid January 2017 and April 2017 will be very important for her and she is likely to gain more control over the Party and political affairs. The said period seems opportune for her to get the most powerful position in the Party. She may emerge as one of the strongest leaders in Tamil Nadu politics.

However, the transiting Rahu is moving over the natal Moon and Jupiter. So, some of her decisions and initiatives may prove to be fatal. The transiting Ketu is moving over the natal Venus. So, there will be conflicts within the Party and someone may try to tarnish her image. It also indicates some legal issues which may impede her progress.

The conclusion:
Ganesha feels that the favourable influences being rendered by the benefics will not be enough to save Sasikala from controveries and troubles. She will have to make her moves carefully, to avoid stepping on landmines.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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