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In the year 2024, Navratri has moved forward by a month. Normally, Sharad Navratri, which starts on the next day of Shradh Paksha, will begin a month after Pitru Paksha ends in the year 2024. According to the astrologers of GaneshaSpeaks, such a coincidence is seen after many decades or centuries. The fasting, festivals and celebrations in Sanatan Dharma are determined on the basis of the Hindu calendar. The Hindu calendar works on the basis of the lunar year. The date and time of religious fasts, festivals and festivals are determined according to the position of the moon.

Amazing coincidences in Navratri 2024

The year 2024 is a leap year, according to the solar calendar, there is an increase of one day in the leap year or leap year. At the same time, according to the lunar calendar, there is an increase of one month every third year. We know this extended month as Purushottam month or Malmas. Due to this Malmas, the festival of Navratri in the year 2024 will not start from Shradh Paksha but will start exactly one month after it.

How did one month increase in the year 2024?

The Adi sages of Sanatan Dharma considered the fastest planet in the solar system to be the basis for determining the date and time, hence the basis of the Hindu calendar is the Moon. On the other hand, people of foreign or western countries consider the solar calendar as the basis. Where in the solar calendar the year is of 365 days and 8 hours, in the lunar calendar, the year is of 354 days. There is a difference of about 11 days between the lunar and solar years, with an additional lunar month every three years to make up for this difference. Every third year in the Hindu calendar, one month increases, this extended month is called Malamas or Purushottama month. Due to the increase of this one month in the year 2024, the festival of Navratri has moved forward by a month.

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Two Ashwin months in the year 2024

According to the Panchang, the Adhikamas of the year 2024 will be in the month of Ashwin, simply put, this year there will be two Ashwin months, one normal and the other Adhikmas. The month of Ashwin is marked by many important festivals of Hinduism, including important festivals like Shradh, Navratri and Dussehra. This time due to the arrival of Adhikmas in the month of Ashwin, these festivals have also been pushed forward.

Significance of Malmas or Purushottam Month

According to the lunar year, the Adhikmas that increase every third year are not counted as pure months, but are considered as Malamas. If we break the conjuncture of Malmas, then Mal means dirty or futile and Maas means month. Malin means that which has no meaning, that is why any kind of demanding or religious work is prohibited in the month of Malamas. However, during this period devotion, chanting and austerity have been considered more important. After retiring from one’s daily activities before sunrise every morning during Malmas, taking a bath and duly worshiping Lord Vishnu removes many sufferings.

More months in Chaturmas, God will rest for five months

The year 2024 is full of many religious and astrological coincidences, this year where festivals like Navratri, Dussehra and Deepawali have been pushed forward by a month. At the same time, due to the arrival of Adhikmas in the middle of Chaturmas, the duration of Chaturmas also increased. In the Chaturmas of the year 2024, instead of four, five months are coming. Understand it in simple language, like every year, this year also Chaturmas started with Devshayani Amavasya, which was on Wednesday, July 17, 2024. According to Chaturmas, four months are completed in October, but this time Chaturmas will end on November 24. When you start adding from July, it will be almost five months by November. That is why this year Lord Vishnu will rest for one more month.

Story of Purushottam month

Adhikmas or Malmas has also been called Purushottam month in religious scriptures, and a popular story is also mentioned in relation to this. Every month of the Hindu calendar calendar is dear to some deity, but no deity or god wanted to be worshiped during the month. The gods also had their reasons behind this, because this month comes once in three years, so that deity had to wait for three years for worship. Saddened by this, Adhikamas reached Lord Vishnu with his troubles. Lord Vishnu listened to him completely and then wearing that month gave his name. That is why Adhika Maas is also called Purushottam month. This month one can enter Baikunth Dham by worshiping Lord Vishnu with a sincere heart.

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