How Do The Sun Signs Celebrate Christmas? Find Out In This Xmas Special By Ganesha

The Christmas time is nearing, and to up the fun quotient of the much-awaited festival, we, with the help of Ganesha's Astro-Gyan about the Sun Signs, present to you how each of the 12 Signs gear up for the grand celebration and whether they prefer dressing up as Santa or set out for a long vacation or love chilling out with close ones at home. 

An Aries individual, as you would be knowing, is an intense lover of action and can do anything to keep his body in motion. So, Christmas for an Aries would be all about going ahead and doing whatever he may have planned the whole year. These are the motivators and thus you would find them 'forcing' a hesitant friend to don the robes of a clown or challenge their buddies for a 'plum cake eating competition'! 

The artistic and aesthetic masters that they are, the Taurians would be the ones to take initiative to make a plum cake or other nice savouries. They are beauty freaks and this aspect will reflect not only in the way they dress up during the festive week, but also in the way, they will decorate their homes. Lanterns, balloons, a well decorated X-mas tree – you will get to see all these in the house of a Taurian.

The funny folks that the Gemini people are, you will find them donning the robes of either a clown or a Santa and entertaining others around. They are some of the largest manufacturers of humour and wit, and thus their 'products', you will find being circulated in bulk during the festive season. Once they are done with entertaining others around, they may start sending greetings on social media platforms and get engaged in online surfing. Don't be surprised if they share some info bits with you like '11 unknown aspects of Christmas', from an article that they may have read on the net.

Cancerians prefer celebrating the festival with a traditional touch and love to spend time indoors with close ones. The Cancerian folks love a variety of beverages, so you can expect them to prepare some mind-blowing mocktails or other wonderful drinks. They cherish memories and may also get drowned in the state of nostalgia and will discuss with you what they did for last year's Christmas celebrations and what they are doing now. The homely beings put in a lot of effort to make things seem more interesting in their houses, rather than planning to chill with friends out in the cold. 

Leos love having fun to the hilt and will do a lot of things to make the atmosphere lively. They are said to be royally lazy people, so the lions may prefer to laze around and enjoy the warmth and comfort of their dens. But, once they are in their element, you will see them dressing up elegantly and planning something wonderful. They believe in celebration, but of the royal and grand kinds. So, dinner at a famous restaurant, a movie show, or a visit to a friend's place, or a nice game on PS3 would be the top things on their checklist. Moreover, if you see a Leo being lost in thoughts, then it would be so that he is thinking about the gifts to buy for his close ones. 

Virgos are very particular about the festivities. You would be amazed with the fact that the Virgo would have already planned for the festivities a long while back and thus they would be very clear what to do when. The first thing that a Virgo will do is to decorate the house like an artist and set things in an orderly manner. Cleanliness is like oxygen for Virgos and they feel uneasy without it. They may not be in for parties that would go on indefinitely and would go for some short but enjoyable celebrations. 

Librans are people who can involve four people for a task wherein one would suffice. Don't interpret this aspect as a weak point of the Librans, instead it is their skill. Simply put, they would like to celebrate like a typical socialite and will do all that is required to make a group event a success. They will be the ones organising some special games, drama acts and any such activity which may add to the entertainment factor. They may even plan a fun trip with their close ones to the nearest fun spot or dinner at a happening place. 

Scorpios love the cold, wintery nights and the Christmas happens to be just the right occasion for these guys to indulge. In the morning, you would feel that the Scorpio way of celebrating a festival is insipid, but by evening you would see them transforming their homes into model 'Christmas celebration centres'! During the festive times, you would find them springing surprises and this happens to be one of the ways in which they derive pleasure, and the smile would be more bigger than a baby smiling after a good night's sleep! 

Even Sagittarians, like the Gemini natives, are known as the clowns of the Zodiac. Thus entertaining others is a thing you will find your Sagittarian friend dabbling at. These are people who will have a hearty laugh by rubbing a piece of the Christmas cake on your face, or playing with the decoration bells and balls hanging on the X-mas tree. If they organise a party, then you can be asssured that their house will look like a stadium – yes, they like a  buzzing atmosphere. 

Capricorn folks are like the professors and will want to ensure that the celebrations are taking place the 'right' way. As they are otherwise very dedicated to their jobs or work and are quite busy, they will make it a point to spend good time with family and friends during the holidays. The goats will also be the ones to tell you the story of Santa Claus or the significance of the festival of Christmas. The Capricorn woman would like to treat her family to special recipe that she may have learnt from some relative and if it is a Capri Man, then he will share some vintage collection of items that he may have  gathered over the years. 

The Aquarians being the official rebels of the Zodiac, will like to celebrate the festival in unique way. Instead of the plum cake, they may opt for some other dessert or sweet of their choice and would choose champagne as the drink of the night instead of the famous wine. They may not have a specific plan, and may rather decide the course of action suddenly. If it strikes their mind, they may pull out a guitar and start playing their favourite tune or may set a particular theme for the day. It all depends on their moods, you see! 

Pisceans love music and good movies and this aspect you will get to see in the determined way in which they will go about playing their favourite songs or making a plan to watch a classic film of their choice. They feel incomplete without good food, thus, the first thing is that, they will ensure that there is a lot of variety of delicacies. They generally don't like the wintery chills and will thus light up the chimney fire. These folks will also like to find a spiritual connect in the festivities. 

With Ganesha's Grace, 
Aaditya Sain

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18 Dec 2016

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