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Ganga Saptami 2024: The Day To Honour Goddess Ganga

Ganga Saptami 2024: The Day To Honour Goddess Ganga

Ganga Saptami is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, mostly in the Northern parts of India. In Hinduism, the river Ganga is considered as the holiest river and is worshipped as a Goddess. Thus, Ganga Saptami is observed to be an auspicious day for Hindus and is dedicated to Goddess Ganga. It is also known as Jahnu Saptami, and Ganga Pujan is the day celebrated to honour the rebirth of Goddess Ganga.

As per the Hindu calendar, Ganga Saptami is celebrated on the 7th day of the waxing phase of the moon during the month of Vaishakha, also known as Baishakh, i.e. on the Saptami of the Shukla paksha. On this day, special pujas and prayers are offered by devotees in most of the Hindu pilgrimage places where the River Ganga passes from Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, Triveni Sangam in Allahabad, etc. You can also book your Personalised Puja here.

Let’s know the significance of Ganga Saptami and the legend behind this festival:

This year, Ganga Saptami will be celebrated on May 14, 2024. Below are the important timings:

  • Ganga Saptami Madhyahna Muhurat – 11:26 AM to 02:19 PM
  • Duration – 02 Hours 53 Mins
  • Saptami Tithi Begins – 05:20 PM on May 13, 2024
  • Saptami Tithi Ends – 06:49 PM on May 14, 2024

In the holy scriptures like Padma Purana, Brahma Purana, and Narada Purana, the significance and the legend behind the Ganga Saptami is mentioned. As per the Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Goddess Ganga first came down to Earth on the day of ‘Ganga Dussehra’. But it once happened that Saint Jahnu drank the water from the river Ganga. However, after being requested by Gods and King Bhagiratha, Sage Jahnu released Ganga once again on the day of Shukla Paksha Saptami in Vaishakha month. From then onwards, this day is celebrated as Ganga Saptami, and it marks the rebirth of Goddess Ganga. Furthermore, being the daughter of Rishi Jahnu, Goddess Ganga is also called ‘Jahnavi’, and as a consequence, this day is also referred to as ‘Jahnu Saptami’.

In India, the river Ganga is considered very sacred. The celebrations and rituals performed on Ganga Saptami are very well-known in the places where Ganga and its tributaries flow. For Hindu devotees, who worship Goddess Ganga, this day is very promising, and they also take a dip in the holy water. It is believed that taking a pious bath in River Ganga can rid people of all their sins. Many Hindu devotees also desire to be cremated close to River Ganga as it leads them to the path of Moksha. This festival is also significant astrologically. According to Vedic astrology, a person can reduce the effect of Mangal Dosha by worshipping Goddess Ganga on this day, for it diminishes the influence of ‘Mangal’ in a birth chart.

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Here are some of the rituals you should follow on this day:

  • Get up early in the morning before sunrise and take a holy dip in River Ganga. Besides, worship Goddess Ganga, as it is considered very favorable.
  • One can immerse a garland across River Ganga and participate in the famous Ganga Aarti. The Ganga Aarti has special importance because “Maa Ganga” is believed to descend on Earth from heaven on this day.
  • This is performed at several Ghats and millions of devotees from different parts of India participate in this aarti.
  • After the Ganga Aarti is over, saints circulate the lamp to all those who are present around. Cup your down-turned hands over the flame and raise your palms on the forehead to seek purification and blessing. Here, the aarti consists of small diyas and flowers that are later floated down the river.
  • On Ganga Saptami, the ceremony of Deepadan or the donation of a deep or a lamp, is followed. Huge fairs are also organised near the banks of the holy river.
  • Reciting the Ganga Sahasranam Stotram and ‘Gayatri Mantra’ is also viewed to be very auspicious on Ganga Saptami.

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Ganga is viewed to be a ‘Devi’ or Goddess for Hindus, and thus, devotees worship her with complete dedication and devotion on Ganga Saptami. This bestows them with happiness, fame, and salvation. You can Talk to our Expert Astrologers to know the Personalised rituals and how it can help you bring peace and happiness to your life.