Ujjivan Small Finance Bank IPO Prediction

In the last few days or say three months, many companies have brought their IPO (Initial Public Offering) into their stock market and got themselves listed. By the way, IPO (Initial Public Offering) of about 12 companies were issued in these three months. But the most discussed are IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corp Ltd.) and CSB Bank. Both these companies broke all the records of profits on the day of their listing and gave profits of 127.69% and 53.9% respectively to their shareholders. This was a thing of the past. Now let’s talk about tomorrow. So tomorrow i.e. on December 12, 2019, the IPO of another company is going to open in the same way. Whose name is Ujjivan Small Finance Bank? It is a small private sector bank. Which provides loans to small borrowers. We will also read a little information about Ujjivan Small Finance Bank below. Also, know the analysis of our astrologer experts and how successful this IPO will be.

General Information of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited is a broad market-focused bank in India, providing credit to the financially underserved and underserved sectors and is committed to financial inclusion in the country. In the year 2005, some people together started Ujjivan Financial Services Limited (UFSL) with the mission of providing a full range of financial services mainly to those who are financially poor but active. That is, those people who want to do some business or enterprise and also want to engage some people with them, but they did not have enough money or resources. To whom even big financial institutions did not provide any help. Hence, UFSL started this operation as an NBFC. On October 7, 2015, UFSL received RBI’s in-principal approval to set up a Small Finance Bank (SFB), following which it incorporated Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary. UFSL received RBI’s final approval for setting up of business as a Small Finance Bank on November 11, 2016. Following this, UFSL shifted its business to the bank to engage in lending and finance business. It was formally announced on February 1, 2017. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is a ‘Scheduled Bank’ included in the Second Schedule to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

What are the benefits of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank IPO?

By the way, the biggest advantage of this is that we can buy its shares and earn profit by becoming a participant in the business of the bank. But if seen indirectly, then our country can get a lot of benefit from it. And not only this, all such companies or banks which provide financial facilities to the economically active poor, then the economic system of our country gets support. A very simple example of this is that big banks give loans only to big people, and these big people either do not repay the loan or run away with the loan. In such a situation, the NPA of the bank ie Non Performing Assets increases. Due to this, the banks would suffer. If banks suffer, our economy also suffers. Now the funny thing is that all the loans of banks that have got sunk are because of such big people. whose names you know well. Not because of little people like you and us. This is the most positive thing for Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. Because they give loans to small and medium businessmen and entrepreneurial institutions, who do not run away but repay before time. In such a situation, investing in this bank can not only be a profitable deal for oneself but can also be an important contribution to the economic development of the country.

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So, friends, this was general information about Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. Now let us know how the coming time of this bank can be? Experienced astrologers from Ganeshspeaks have drawn certain conclusions after an in-depth analysis of the Surya Kundli of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. Let us know about them.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank horoscope

Name – Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Foundation Day – 1 February 2017
Establishment Location – Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Astrological Analysis

Taking a look at the company’s Nigam Kundli, it is known that Mars, Moon and Venus are conjunct in Pisces. Hence, they are creating a wealth of yoga. This means a favourable configuration for the attainment of wealth and thus is one of the most auspicious planetary combinations. The company will be able to manage several new branches and also create various associations with other entities in the industry/sector.

Jupiter and Moon are located opposite each other. Hence, it is one of the most fortunate planetary combinations and will bless the company with great financial fortune. This position indicates that the company will be able to acquire a large number of customers due to most of the references.

The presence of natal Ketu between the Sun and Moon is not desirable. This indicates that the company’s share price may remain volatile for the next few months. After June 2020, the share prices can see a substantial increase.

As far as business profits and gains are concerned, the planetary positions after January 2020 will be more beneficial. However, the conjunction of Saturn and the natal Sun’s transit can also be a restrictive factor and hence may see slow but steady growth in the overall growth of the company.

Apart from this, the growth of the company will depend on its performance. Simply put, if the company is successful in providing better services to the people, then it will undoubtedly grow. Otherwise, it can go down.

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