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There are people in the real estate business who spend a great deal of time looking at statistics and trends. There are others who rely on instinct or intuition to guide them. Real Estate Astrology takes a different approach in that it looks to the movement of the planets for cycles of opportunity. Here Ganesha tries to explain an Astrological perspective regarding Real Estate. The price of real estate tends to move in an 18 to 20 year cycle. From one top to the next bottom, as from one bottom to the next top, about 9 or 10 years usually elapses. The Moon’s Nodes move retrograde in an average 18.6-year cycle around the Zodiac. Most real estate price tops have occurred with the North Node in earthy signs. As the whole, Timing is everything, and if you know the best time to act you will have the greatest chance for profit and success.

The Nodes are points where the Moon’s orbital path intersects with the Sun’s path. The Moon and its North Node influence mass psychology, which translates economically to ups and downs in interest rates, employment and productivity. However Saturn and Neptune should also be considered. A real estate calculation contains Moon, Moon’s Nodes, Mars, Saturn and Neptune’s position in zodiac. Where real estate is concerned, the 20-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is also of interest. Jupiter, the influence of optimism, energizes speculative buying, and cautionary Mars is associated with land.

Having looked on Planetary forces, Ganesha says that, the expectation is that real estate prices should climb when the North Node or Saturn transit through Cancer, the Sign most associated with Home. The North Node arrived in Cancer in April 2000 and moved into Gemini October 2001, when a bubble in stock prices crashed, which in turn brought a dramatic rise in home buying.

The previous top occurred in 1918, 25 years after the top of 1893 with the North Node moving into early Sagittarius. By March 2007, with the Node moving through Pisces, there were plenty of economic indications that real estate prices were on a determined downswing. Some “sub-prime” lenders and borrowers were in trouble. The number of building permits issued nationally had plummeted.

Based on historical database, we can expect the bearish trend in housing to turn around when the North Node reaches the constellation opposite Cancer, where it usually is when prices rise. That constellation is Capricorn and the North Node is due to enter it in August 2009, 20 years after the last low in 1989. But don’t rush headlong into the real estate market in 2009 without being aware of two major reasons the real estate cycle may again be distorted and its downside extended.

Because the recent housing price bubble was extended and taken to new record highs, its deflation may be extended. We may experience a crash of the dollar and a subsequent spike in inflation, causing the Fed to raise interest rates noticeably. Also waiting in the wings is the weather-related effects of global warming, expected to bring catastrophic storms, Hurricane Katrina being a hint.

If the dollar crashes or continues its slide down against Rupee, foreign investment in US assets (a major stimulus to the most recent housing bubble) will be withdrawn, decline the situation by exacerbating US debt-federal, corporate and personal. The world’s monetary system, now based on the dollar, is likely to go through a turning change, mainly because US total debt is approaching the point where it will be un-repayable, which in turn could lead to a change in the existing Fed-dominated, debt-based monetary system.

Ganesha feels that by March 2007, when the downturn in real estate prices became undeniable, the North Node was moving through Aquarius. The North Node will be transiting through Capricorn in August 2009, pointing the bottom of this down cycle, and move into Sagittarius in March 2011, signaling an expected rise in real estate prices.

The entire financial system is based on medieval assumptions, and we have moved into a period when democratic system is on the rise, so we are looking at a clash between two philosophical forces, traditional medieval beliefs and the modern move toward more and purer democracy. Currently most of the world’s wealth is owned by less than one percent of the world’s population.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,