Understand Stock Market Astrology and Become a Successful Representative of the Stock Market

शेयर बाजार की ज्योतिष को समझें और शेयर बाजार के एक सफल प्रतिनिधि बनें

The present time is of digital marketing and online shopping. These markets provide a platform for various buyers and sellers to meet, then interact and transact. The stock market also provides a similar safe and managed environment. Here there is a common market for trading different types of securities.

Investing in the stock market can sound like gambling. Because here are the stories of many investors losing money before. People remain skeptical about investing in the stock market. But still many people are interested in the stock market or stock exchange. They can consult or take advice from a stock market astrologer to avoid any kind of loss in this market. Because when it comes to the stock market, astrology can be a very important topic.

The secret of success in the stock market lies in one’s horoscope.

The presence of benefic and malefic planets in one’s horoscope can be decisive in this area. When the role of malefic planets becomes more important than the presence of benefic planets in your horoscope, it becomes inevitable to consult a stock market astrologer. Rahu plays a very important role in stock market astrology. Because Rahu is the deciding factor in the success or failure of an investor.
In the birth chart of any person, the second house and the lord of that house represents wealth. Fifth house and its lord are for profit through share market, share trading or lottery. Eighth house and its lord denotes sudden gains, while ninth house and its lord. Tenth house and its lord predicts profession, so 11th house, and its lord is for wealth and profit. Whereas 6th and 12th houses and their lords predict losses.

Then what should be the position of the planets in the horoscope to earn profit in the stock market?

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  • The presence of Ketu in the 11th house brings wealth through lotteries and business.
  • If the Lord of the 8th house is situated in the 2nd house along with Ketu, it is a sign of sudden wealth.
  • The combination of 2nd, 5th and 11th house lords helps in making profits naturally in the stock market.
  • Being away from the malefic effects of the second, fourth, ninth and 11th house lords assures success in the stock market.
  • The position of Mars and Rahu in the 2nd house and Jupiter or Venus in the 11th house invites good luck in share trading.
  • When the lords of the fifth and ninth houses make them in relation to the lords of the second, fifth, eighth, ninth and eleventh houses, then Dhana Yoga is formed.
  • The exchange of the lords of the 2nd and 11th numbers with the lords of the fifth and ninth indicates excellent success in stock trading.
  • If the lords of the 2nd and 11th houses interchange their zodiac signs with each other, then this sign is going to bring success.
  • If Jupiter is ascendant and aspected by the lord of 2nd, 5th and 9th house then huge profits can be expected in the stock market.
  • When Chandra Mangal Yoga is formed in the birth chart, when Rahu and Mercury are present in the 11th house along with Moon and Mars, then the person gets success in trading.
  • Due to the placement of Jupiter and Rahu in the third or quadrant or the conjunction of the lords of the second/third degree, one can get massive success in the stock market.

So the thing to understand is that…

Whether one analyzes the price rise of a company’s shares or one analyzes the technical behavior of people towards share prices, both have their advantages. But still, it is challenging to understand the uncertainties in the future. The use of horoscope and astrology of a stock can prove to be useful in giving information about the performance of the stock in the near future. Stock market predictions can be helpful for those who want to invest. But it is better to use it along with fundamental and technical analysis. The volatile and questionable patterns of stock markets are quite infamous all over the world. However, making astrological predictions about a stock is very complicated. But by studying the horoscope of a person it is definitely possible to calculate the favorable time for trading in stocks.

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