One More Hit: Fortune Mantra Foresaw The Future Of PNB, Correctly & Accurately

One More Hit: Fortune Mantra Foresaw The Future Of PNB, Correctly & Accurately
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Indeed, Astrology is a marvelous gift to humanity, which can be used to change our destiny and light up our future. There is one more instance to prove it. Once again, our predictions for the future have come true. In our book Fortune Mantra 2017-18, we had predicted an abrupt and sudden down-slide of Punjab National Bank (PNB) shares between 4th January 2018 and 27th March 2018. Now, it is a reality which everyone knows. PNB has suffered a major jolt following the unearthing of a Rs 11,300 crore fraud. Its shares have dipped majorly. This once again proves that Astrology can be our best friend and guide.

What Was The Prediction (As Per The Fortune Mantra Book):

“Anything can happen” between 4th January 2018 and 27th March 2018. It is surprising that even though Nifty may be positive but this stock (PNB) will go down.”

What Actually Happened:

PNB shares slipped 10% on 14th February 2018 as its Mumbai branch detected a Rs 11,300 cr fraud; investors lost Rs 3,000 cr wealth. In fact, its shares fell a whopping 22 percent in 2 days (14th Feb and 15th Feb), wiping out Rs 8,368 crore worth market capitalization. Also, the stock touched a 52-week low of 125.55 on February 15.

Accuracy In Foreseeing This Development:

No one else could foresee this. In fact, nobody else had even dreamed of it. But, we foresaw this development (PNB shares falling) around one year back. In fact, the time frames which we had predicted too are accurate. Also read about Stock Market Predictions.

Our Book Can Do Wonders For The Readers:

Buying the Fortune Mantra book can do wonders in your profession. It will guide you about the individual stocks and the market as a whole. You can plan your investments and surge ahead in your career.

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