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Why Can Not Sleep In A New Place

Why Can Not Sleep In A New Place

Researchers believe that at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary to start a good day. But what happens when you leave your home, city or country and go to some other place and despite extreme mental and physical fatigue, you cannot sleep? You keep thinking, changing sides, even after changing the direction of your sleeping and the direction of the bed, you are longing for a peaceful sleep. Perhaps in such a situation your eyes may be closed for a few moments due to fatigue, but still you are not able to get complete sleep. The state you will be in at this time is hyposleep, which is when your eyes are closed due to fatigue but your brain is still working. Generally, almost every person has to deal with this problem due to changing the place of sleeping. So what is it, that does not let you sleep when you change your sleeping place? You must be thinking that I can only sleep in my own bed or my mind is bothering me. But you will be surprised to know the reason behind this, you will say that I had never thought like this. Is it really, everything is working behind me to get normal sleep or not.

Your sleep and the universe

A few years back there was a movie in which the hero repeats a sentence over and over again… If you want something with full gusto, then the whole universe gets involved in a conspiracy (trying) to make it happen to you. You must be thinking that what does this have to do with your sleep? But the relation is, he is such that the universe (universe or universe) he is talking about in this sentence is invisibly associated with every human being, creature, animal even inanimate objects. The thing that helps us to connect this universe with us is our aura which is called in Hindi as Abha Mandal. It is always with you whether you imprison yourself in a dark room or climb to the top of the Himalayas. The universe affects you through invisible waves. Your aura receives these waves and connects you to the universe. Here it is important for you to know that our earth where we live is only a part of the universe.

Astrology has the answer to your every question

Whatever you have read above is a brief part of Vedic astrology. Indian astrology is the means by which a person living on the earth can know how big planets like the earth are affecting his life. Also what should be done to troubleshoot and resolve them.

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This principle is related to your sleep like this

Now that you have understood how you are related to this world and this world to you, it will be easy for you to understand how this principle is related to your sleep. Usually our routine, living, eating and sleeping place is the same, but whenever there is a change in them or such a situation arises that we have to change our living, eating and sleeping place, then our vision is from the things around us. Takes some time to adjust.

This happens because the environment you are always in gets attached to your aura, but when you are in a new place, the invisible waves present there and the environment are trying to understand you. He tries to adapt to your habits of connecting with you but it is not as easy as it sounds, so you do not feel like sleeping or eating easily in a new place, even changing the place of work But still you are not able to do your old work in which you are good. By the way, in general, it may take a maximum of three days for the new place to connect with you and you. As you must have also realised that within three days, you mix easily at any place.

The whole universe will work for you

Now you know how the universe is connected to the events that happen to you and affect you. But how about if you can inspire it to work in your favour? Can you use the waves coming from it to affect the object or person you want? You must be thinking that how can someone influence such a huge power to his advantage? But it can be done, and you don’t need a lot of penance or yoga to do it. Only by taking small measures given by our astrologers, you can get everything you need, which you want to get sometime or the other.

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