Venus Transit 2020 – Venus Sign Changes – Effect of Transit on Zodiac Signs

The changing of the zodiac signs of the planets continues continuously and in this way, due to the changing of the planets, there are ups and downs in our life. All the planets change zodiac after a certain period. Venus, the factor of luxury in astrology, will change its zodiac sign to Leo from September 28. What will be the effect of Venus changing the zodiac like this on all the zodiac signs, let’s see-

Influence on Aries

  • The people of Aries can get money due to change in the zodiac sign of Venus.
  • Your relationship will remain good in love life as well.
  • Family happiness will increase.
  • However, keep in mind that try yourself to resolve the difference of opinion of your spouse. You will benefit by getting Shiva Rudrabhishek done during this time.

Effect on taurus

  • You will have a good time.
  • You can spend money on house, car or any other luxury things.
  • Spouse will get support.
  • May have to go on a trip.
  • However, employed people will have to take care and you will have to avoid unnecessary disputes with anyone. For good effect visit Lord Shiva’s temple every Friday.

Influence on Gemini

  • Your relations with siblings will become sweet.
  • Your might will increase.
  • You may also go on a short trip.
  • Can spend more time on social media.
  • However, take care of health and avoid giving unnecessary advice to anyone. To get good results during this time, you should chant a rosary of the mantra Om Hreem Shukray Namah.

Cancer zodiac sign

  • Time can be good.
  • Increase in income will make the mind happy.
  • Issues of ancestral property can also be discussed.
  • During this, you will have to use the vehicle etc very carefully. Keep good relations with children. Offer garlands of red flowers in the temple of Mata to get good results.

Influence on Leo

  • You will remain in positive energy at this time.
  • Can make a plan to advance the business.
  • Will pay attention to the happiness of the family.
  • During this you will have to avoid extra hustle and bustle. Health will also have to be taken care of. Remedy- Install Shukra Yantra in the house.

Influence on Virgo

  • Honor and respect will increase.
  • The cost will be higher.
  • There can also be a visit to a religious place.
  • There can be profit in the business of import-export.
  • However, you should be careful in the transaction of money. Control expenses. Remedy- Do cow service.

Influence on Libra

  • Your network of friends will grow.
  • You yourself will work very hard to increase the income.
  • Time is very good for students.
  • Don’t fall for any greed though. Avoid disputes with spouse. Remedy – Chant one rosary of Gayatri Mantra.

Effect on scorpio

  • At this time you will get benefit at workplace.
  • You will get happiness by completing any desired work.
  • Time is good for people associated with entertainment industry.
  • Businessmen can get profit.
  • However, during this transit, you should avoid working in haste. Remedy- Visit Lord Shiva daily.

Influence on sagittarius

  • Luck will support you during this time.
  • There will be a possibility of a religious visit.
  • Salaried people can benefit in this phase.
  • However, you have to avoid unnecessary anger during this time. Remedy- Take care of the needs of the family along with the spouse.

Influence on Capricorn

  • There will be guidance from the elders of the house.
  • There will be a possibility of sudden monetary gains.
  • You will be interested in knowing the mysteries.
  • However, during this time take special care of health along with unnecessary expenses. Remedy- Donate and wear white clothes.

Influence on Aquarius

  • You can get profit in partnership business.
  • Relationship with spouse will remain good.
  • You will also remain romantic during this time.
  • However, you have to be very careful of hidden enemies. Remedy- Do all the work with the blessings of the parents.

Influence on Pisces

  • Employed people can get new opportunities.
  • There can be relief in the ongoing health problems from the past days.
  • Subordinates will get special support.
  • However, you will be afraid of something. Investment can be harmful for you. Remedy- Donate white clothes to the poor.

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