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Third And Final Solar Eclipse Of The Year

Third And Final Solar Eclipse Of The Year

Like the vibrations emanating from the sound of Om, many interesting events happen day by day in this vast universe, spread to infinity. By the way, at present, we have been able to identify and mark only 12 zodiac signs, 27 constellations and some events happening in the solar system. One such event is the solar eclipse, which has been attracting mankind since ancient times. In general, when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun during its orbit around the Sun, this astronomical event is called a solar eclipse. It is worth noting that the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth, during this process sometimes the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun, this phenomenon is called a lunar eclipse.

Another interesting fact related to lunar eclipse and solar eclipse is that the position of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse is created only in a particular situation. Solar eclipse always occurs on new moon day and lunar eclipse always occurs on full moon day. Full moon and new moon are events occurring at opposite angles of 180 degrees in the Moon’s orbit.

By the way, the year 2019 proved to be very important in terms of solar eclipse. Astrologers and astronomers had predicted three solar eclipses this year. In this sequence, the first solar eclipse of the year was visible on 6 January 2019. It was a partial solar eclipse which was not visible in India. At the same time, the second solar eclipse was visible from the coast of New Zealand between 11:31 to 2:17 midnight on July 2, 2019, according to Indian time, in countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile and Colombia. Along with this, this partial solar eclipse was also seen in some other countries of the Pacific Ocean region.

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The third and last solar eclipse of the year will take place on 26 December. This eclipse is also special because it will be visible in Eastern Europe, North-West Australia and East Africa as well as India. According to some astronomers, the solar eclipse of December 26 can be seen in Cheruvathur in the beautiful state of Kerala, India. The solar eclipse on December 26 will be visible from 8:17 am to 10:57 am. In this solar eclipse of about 2 hours 40 minutes hours long, from 9:24 the moon will start covering the edge of the sun and by 9:26 the moon will have completely eclipsed the sun which is called total solar eclipse or Khagras solar eclipse. According to scientists, this will be an annular solar eclipse, in this type of eclipse the sun appears like a ring of fire. Because in this type of eclipse, the Moon comes completely in front of the Sun, but due to its size being many times smaller than the Sun, it does not completely cover it and the outer surface of the Sun starts appearing like a lit ring. The view is very captivating and mesmerizing. But do not make the mistake of seeing it with the naked eye, because during this time the light falling on the earth can be harmful to the naked eye.

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