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Sun Sign and Friendship

Sun Sign and Friendship

As a personal asset, a friend, the racy and sensational Ram will be more of a one day wonder, than a regular side kick. He cannot be programmed for long term relationships, says Ganesha; a rolling stone that gathers no moss. Like a true Ram, this homo sapien loves to graze in different pastures, and look of new company. Being flashy and far out, the Aries mixes and mingles well and makes quite an impact on others. He is, therefore, never short of company. Unlike others he sees friends simply as social diversions and, being very self sufficient, does not relish serious long term attachments and alliances. A person of this sign is not known for his generosity, helpfulness. He could, nevertheless, render help and support, not in the philanthropic sense, but purely as an investment, as a part of a give and take arrangement. He can be inordinately covetous, possessive and even greedy. In a group he can show an aggression, a tendency to control that can be hard and distasteful for others. The Aries are the prime ‘flimflammers’ of the Zodiac. But, to give the devils their dues, while they are with you in the capacity of your friend, you will relish every second of their company. Have no doubt; they will give you the time of your life.

The heavyweight mammal symbolising Taurus is solid, sedate and serious about everything he does. In its human incarnation, he is no different; once a friend, always a friend. He is the true friend in need, says Ganesha. You will find him beside you, in your darkest hour, when even your shadow has deserted you. The marital pledge, ending in ’till death do us part’ could well have been inspired by a Taurus. Have no doubt; he doesn’t have an ounce of a canine’s faithfulness, the unflinching, unconditional loyalty of a dog. He sees companionship as an all compassing, two way thing. His friend does have the right to his life as well as to all that he owns. If he finds that you are not ‘fully there’, and have a tendency to take him for granted, he will fade away. If you really value friendship and do not see companionship as all crap and ‘bull’, you should look for a Taurus. Just check it out; if you have childhood friends, they are more likely to be Taurus than of any other sun Sign. A word of warning; he may not lose his shirt too easily, but if you ignore him, or find him a rival, the scorching flames of his jealousy could become very difficult too douse.

The Gemini twins form the two opposite modes of the Gemini persona, says Ganesha. The Gemini born can be flighty, fickle, flaky, restless and hyper kinetic. Or they can suddenly turn inert, languid and inactive. Your Gemini friend may suddenly drag you to a roller coaster ride, or to the woods for chasing and collecting butterflies. Next day, the same person would love to lie on the couch, snuggle into your side, watch a movie or read a book all day long. Born under this sign, a person becomes people friendly. He loves to keep expanding his personal and social network. The one thing he looks for, above all else is mental stimulation. He expects his friends to be bubbly, sparkling and spirited the way he is. ‘Variety is the spice of life’ must have been a Gemini phrase. In terms of socializing, no activity or a group of friends can hold their interest for too long. Having exchanged ‘good byes’ after the night’s revelries, you may never know when you’ll see them again. If you value the Gemini companionship, do not plan or propose anything structured or predictable. Remember, he thrives on intellectual stimulation, on emotional effervescence; gets a kick out of looking deeper, closer at people, situations and things.

Like the stone, sea or sand Crab, the Cancer born is a home-bound creature who loves to lodge in the comfort and security of his familiar nooks and crannies. Your Cancer friend is a good host and a lavish entertainer, says Ganesha. He loves to flaunt his cooking and housekeeping skills. The Saturdays are generally earmarked for calling over close friends for a sumptuous dinner after several rounds of delectable drinks. The Cancer loves to be admired, appreciated and singled out for his classy styles and taste, the creativity and versatility he displays in the upkeep of his home. Your Cancer friend keeps your friendship close to his heart, and will frequently need you around to pull him out of the dumps. He will bare and share his innermost thoughts and feelings to you, and will expect you to do the same whenever required. He can, however be over emotional to a fault. The Crab loves to stay connected with the past. They are terribly fond of photos and photo albums, of private diaries and family chronicles. They make excellent friends and companions who will not fail to return you love and warmth. But being emotionally fragile, they need gentle handling.

A Lion? A meek and a modest one? That simply doesn’t happen, says Ganesha. The Leo loves to stand proud and tall. The kings of the Zodiac are not meant for seclusion, they love to display their power and superiority to the people around. Your Leo friend may be warm, amicable, outgoing and responsive; but don’t try to treat him as an equal and rub shoulders with. Being an equal is, to him, the same as playing second fiddle. That just won’t do. In interpersonal relations, or social and public affairs and events, they need to take the centre stage, and once they have it they are simply scintillating; utterly splendid in their grace and generosity. They will spare no efforts to help and support their friends. They simply want to be praised and talked about. The Leo has only one weakness; his complete inability to stand in the shade, in the side lines. He is not too fussy about the social or professional pedigrees of his friends and fans and admirers. He simply craves for adulation, tons of it. His Leonine appetite can never have enough of it. He loves his satellites and sycophants, and will make sure that the loyal ones are well rewarded for their loyalties.

Virgo is among the most well balanced individuals of the Zodiac. They will have the least amount of manias and phobias, excesses or deficiencies of all people. A Virgo born makes a very reliable and realistic friend and an ally, informs Ganesha. He has an unusually matter of fact, no nonsense, attitude towards his alliances. The Virgo is neither, finicky, fussy or fanciful. Even in his personal interactions, he loves to be planned and organized. He hates jack -in – the- box situations. A Virgo friend is, however, a fix up freak. He loves to be shipshape, spic and span, and is allergic to clutter and confusion, disorder and derangement. He can, however, be terribly persuasive about health and fitness issues, and will be willing to invest time, money and energy to see to it that his friends eat and exercise well. He will not hesitate to point out that your nails have over grown, that your teeth need dental car, or that you are unduly sweaty and smelly. He will correct you whenever he thinks you’re on the wrong track. For him, that stands for being a true a friend. The Virgo does not believe in conditional or compartmentalised relationships and is therefore about the best buddy to have.

That ‘time waits for nobody’ doesn’t mean much for a Libra native, says Ganesha. These protagonists of justice are not particularly sensitive about punctuality. If you have a Libra friend, you will know why you have to keep waiting and waiting long after the scheduled time of meeting has passed. Your Libra friend is utterly incorrigible in this matter, and is not likely to mend his ways. But, be sure, he will blow away all your grief and anger as soon as he turns up. The Libra is awfully bright and breezy and is irresistibly charming and attractive. You just can’t be cross with the creature for too long. Having arrived late, he will nevertheless, expect you, a true pal to stay back longer than scheduled. Be sure, that he will make that worth your while. The Libra loves company and makes great company. When he takes you out for a day, or for an evening there will be nothing shoddy or sub standard about his plans and arrangements. Being ruled by Venus he loves luxury, dash and refinement. He will take you to exclusive resorts and restaurants, entertain you with the choicest foods and drinks. He is a well connected social animal who knows all the ropes and has all the contacts; a very handy and resourceful companion to have.

The Scorpio is intense and passionate about everything he does, says Ganesha. There is nothing arbitrary or casual in his approach to life. In friendship, this creature does not believe in half measures, in give and take relationships. He gets emotionally attached, and once assured of his counterpart’s allegiance, he never parts company. A Scorpio friend may not be too assertive or possessive about his feelings. But his intriguing dead pan posture simply makes him more endearing and enigmatic. Unless amorously inclined and involved, the Scorpio dislikes physical overtures and endearments. Do not express your fondness through hugs and embraces. Say it in beautiful words. People born under this sign are not great socialisers. They are neither particularly forthcoming nor outgoing. They have an aversion to crowds and mass contacts. But they are by no means loners. They relate to individuals, not groups. Once a friend, he will not grudge you anything within his means and resources. If you need something he has, he will not hesitate in handing it over to you. Sadly, his spontaneous readiness to help and comfort friends often invites unmerited suspicion. Some people attribute ulterior motives to this show of unselfishness.

The Sagittarian bowman is perpetually aiming at things that will satisfy his insatiable curiosity, his constant thirst to learn and understand, says Ganesha. This sign produces some of the most erudite and enlightened people you could encounter. They radiate an unmistakable air of intellectuality. Surprisingly, the strongest asset that sets him apart from others is his capacity to laugh at himself, and effortlessly bear the brunt of pranks and jokes. But he can be as unpredictable, playful, freaky and funny as any one else. You can never tire of a Sagittarius. He is lively, funny, witty and well informed. If you need to take someone along for a long trip, or a holiday, more in search of adventure than of rest, don’t have second thoughts. Take a Sagittarius companion if you are lucky to have one. Otherwise, quickly make one. The high minded Sagittarius tends to believes that every person, or situation, has something to teach you. No one sees the whole world as a family, all humans as brothers and sisters, more than the Bowman does. Once a friend, the Archer will be always there to help, assist and advise you. All he needs is that you should be prepared to be dragged out of your house at a moment’s notice, for another foray into the unexpected.

The Capricorn is extremely street smart and worldly wise, says Ganesha. He has the weakness of acting on the principle of ‘me first’. In friendship, personal or professional, this hircine creature will extend his hand only if he stands to gain something. Profitless alliances and associations are senseless and sterile. As your companion, he will tend to take command of your relationship, and set the rules of day to day meetings and encounters. You may not necessarily toe his line, but you will be expected to accept his leadership. This individual also has a condescending, patronizing streak in his nature. He may, without any real reason or provocation, act like a dad, and ply you with golden words of wisdom and advice. But once he accepts you as an equal in style and class, in eminence and erudition, he will shed his selfishness, his tendency to be one up, and be as great a pal, a companion as you could hope for. From then on he will be loyal, straight and steadfast— for life. The one thing that a Capricorn neither forgives nor forgets is a turncoat someone who stabs in the back

The child of Aquarius, the house of affection and amity, is inherently benevolent and people friendly. He relates with people more at the human level and less at the personal, more objectively and less subjectively. He can get attached without getting emotional. That makes it difficult for others to get close enough to read his thoughts and feelings. This Airy individual is not as free with his feelings as he can be with his favours. It may take years before you could really size up and see through this friend of yours. For your pal, however, this is not an issue. He never likes to prove anything or do anything for effect. As a friend, he is a natural. If you are feeling bad and bummed out, you will find him beside you with a handkerchief, a sandwich and perhaps a small wad of dough. That’s a true thoroughbred Aquarius, kind and magnanimous. The following information will be of great help in keeping your Aquarius pal in cheerful and healthy spirits. Do not try to be too possessive or demanding. The Aquarius values his independence more than anything else, says Ganesha. He hates being tied down. He can’t be tied down!

The Pisces may seem otherworldly, vague and withdrawn. But the Fish is one of the most sensitive and caring creatures of the Zodiac. So says Ganesha. He is awfully delicate, vulnerable but, uniquely, hundred percent intellectual plus hundred percent emotional. Your Pisces companion doesn’t guess; he senses. He loves to know and understand what is amiss, what ails you. He makes a perfect sounding board; understanding as well as trustworthy. The Pisces is a straight and simple character. He is terribly trusting and tractable. The poor thing is easy meat for unscrupulous characters, but is smart enough to sense when he’s being had. He is easily hurt by coarse or insincere treatment. He has a deep rooted need for comfort, support and security. The past traumas have a tendency to haunt him now and then. When down and depressed, he needs a strong, sensitive shoulder to lean on. That is what he seeks i n a friend. In his elements, he is the ideal company to have. He is breezy and bubbly, physically, emotionally as well as intellectually. When he is dragging you along, don’t dig in your heels. Just tag along. The only thing you are not likely to get, is getting bored or disappointed.

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