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Which Stream Should I Select, Science Or Commerce?

Which Field Is Better, Science Or Commerce, As Per Astrology?, Which Field Is Better, Science Or Commerce, As Per Kundali?, Should I Take Science Or Commerce?, Should I Take Science Or Commerce As Per Astrology?, What To Choose, Science Or Commerce? — Know How Astrology Can Help Solve Such Puzzles

If you are confused about which stream of studies to pursue, science or commerce, look no further than astrology. At some point or another you must have had to face questions like “Which stream should I select, science or commerce?” , “Will science or commerce be better for me as per my birth chart?”, “Which field will be better for me, science or commerce?” etc. You really need to know what planets are affecting you, and how, to be able to make this decision about pursuing science or commerce. And, it is only an astrologer who can help you with this.

It is only astrology which can delve deep into your kundali and come up with dependable predictions about your education, and make appropriate suggestions such as whether the science or commerce streams will be more suitable to your nature. Your friends and relatives can offer only advice, but education astrology can give you concrete guidance, based on your birth details, which can help you make the best decision about whether to select science or commerce.

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In Ask An Expert, our experienced expert astrologers personalize prediction for you based on your birth details, and therefore these predictions are far more valuable and reliable than any advice or guidance anyone else can give you. Besides, you will be availing the services of the best astrologers in the business, so you can trust them absolutely to help you make the right decision, which eventually will lead to a successful and satisfying career.

The factors that need to be considered while selecting a stream of education are potential, inclination, age and personality. However, sometimes the overriding factor can be luck, and this is where education astrology can provide you with definite pointers as to whether you should choose the science or the commerce stream to prosper later in your career. Education astrology can remove all your doubts and confusions and help you take a firm decision without wasting crucial time.

To help you decide the right stream for your career, our Astrologers have to check various factors like – the placement and strength of planets like Jupiter and Mercury primarily and the role of your 4th House, 5th House, 9th House and their Lords. The Ascendant Sign and its Lord as well as the 2nd House and its Lord also play a crucial role in your education and this should be considered before selecting between science or commerce stream. Moreover, there is a great importance of the Mahadasha and Antardasha sequence. So, there are a lot of aspects that our Astrologers have to consider before giving an accurate answer to your concern of selecting between Science or Commerce stream.

Because Ask An Expert gives you crisp and clear pointers to overcome your doubts regarding which stream of education you should select, science or commerce, so that you can be a successful student, and later a successful professional. What’s more, you get this service at a very affordable price and within 24 hours after you order. Plus, you get the remedies to overcome any adverse or malefic factors in your kundali that may be posing obstructions to your progress in education, following which the path ahead will become smoother for you.

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