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Effects of Saturn Transit for Libra Moon Sign

Effects of Saturn Transit for Libra Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2018 For Libra Moon Sign

Ganesha feels that material possessions mattered a lot to you during the current period starting from November 2014. You would have been working hard to accumulate more wealth during last two and a half years. There would have been a stronger emphasis on saving money.
Matters related to the family drew much of your attention. Ganesha feels that as this period of two and a half years that passed, you were trying to set new financial goals too. Convincing others about your views would have been very difficult.

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Summary of Last 2.5 Years

You were concerned about harmony within the family. Inheritance and related matters also made you feel worried. You felt that people very close to you, never could understand you properly. It was a period during which you had to ‘let go’ lots of things. You had to compromise and adjust

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Saturn Transit in 2017 through Sagittarius would be setting you free from financial problems that you may have been facing as it would be the end of your Sade Sati. You would now be able to shift your focus from this matter to something else. You can now look forward to something new and better.

Though the situation will improve gradually, and not drastically, you can at least be assured of a change. Saturn’s Transit through Sagittarius will help you pursue your goals slowly and steadily. Ganesha feels that while this period operates, you will have to remain target-oriented and focus on your priorities.

You will be ready to achieve long term goals. Think about distant future and do not get drawn towards short term goals. Expenses would now relatively be under control. Short distance trips may not be as frequent as they were before. Your communication skills may get affected under the influence of this transit and you will prefer only meaningful interactions.

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