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Effects of Saturn Transit for Cancer Moon Sign

Effects of Saturn Transit for Cancer Moon Sign

Effects for Saturn Transit For Cancer Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2018 For Cancer Moon Sign

During the period of last two and a half years, you may have seen a lot of ups and downs at the emotional front. You were trying to find stability in matters of love. You were looking for long term relationship and you must have found one too.
However, getting carried away by your emotions, expectations from your partner would have been very high. You weren’t in a search of frivolous relationships and may have been on the lookout for a lot of commitment.

You would yourself have been serious about commitments. Emotional roller-coasters may have negatively affected your creativity. Long-term investments in the stock market gave you benefits, but not without a long wait.

Summary of Last 2.5 Years

Friends were filtered and you chose to remain in contact only with a few. You were trying to cut down on expenses during this period, may be because of the fear of a paucity of funds in the future.

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Saturn transit effect on Cancer after January 2017 till 24th January, 2020

Now there will be a major turn around in the story. Your focus is going to get shifted from ‘personal’ things to responsibilities that you have to handle on day-to-day basis. Your health will now require your attention. You will have no time to focus on long term plans as day to day routine and hassles may be take up a lot of time and energy of yours.
Ganesha feels that after the Saturn Transit in 2017, if you are unable to manage your time well, then you will lag behind. Even if you have to go the extra mile to finish off something, just do it. Ganesha feels that this is also the time to establish some sort of discipline in your daily routine in order to maintain good health.

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