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Are You A Sagittarian? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Are You A Sagittarian? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Sagittarius zodiac sign is a mutable fire sign and the individuals of Sagittarius are adventurous. It is ruled by the expansive planet, Jupiter. Sagittarius is a good-natured sign and the individuals belonging to this sign are optimistic. Sagittarians are always geared up for impromptu trips, dining out to some unknown restaurant or reading poetry or Shayari.

For these Archers, life is about experiencing different things and they want to enjoy each and every experience that the world has to offer. Sagittarians love freedom and they are independent. They do friendship with one who allows them to come and go whenever they wish and can follow their timetable. They love to explore everything related to the world and the universe and engage in activities or talks which help them to explore it.

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Let us see Sagittarius best match and who is the worst enemy for Libra.

Sagittarius best compatibility: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Best Friend match for Sagittarius


Sagittarius matches well with Aries individuals and both make great playmates. You and your pal have boundless energy and love to have fun all the time. Your pal throws the most spontaneous and raucous party and you enjoy it there the most. Your sense of humor and funny gigs are adored by Arians. You and your pal are hyperactive and love playing sports, exercising and all the activities that required boundless enthusiasm.

Though Archers and the twins are astrologically opposite to each other, but as friends they complement each other. Your pal knows everything about you from in and out. Both of you form a solid friendship as both of you are highly sociable, love to travel and love to be involved in each other’s friend circle. Your pal would pick your brain about what is in your mind and you welcome all the bits of trivia that twins offer to you. The friendship with twins is like a classroom miniature.


The best sign for archers is Leo and both love each other’s company. Your contemptuous humor is being delighted by your playful pal. Energetic archer appreciates tremendous enthusiasm of lions and both of you are brimming with enthusiasm and enjoy going on trips, playing sports and causing an uproar. You and your pal are apt to form mutual admiration in a very short time. You and your pal overlook the minor quirks and form long-lasting friendships.


Archer loves the companionship with fun-loving Librans. You and your pal enjoy festive season celebrations and parties, stimulating talks and justice. Both of you can keep on talking endlessly on courtroom dramas. You never jump to conclusions without discussing the situation with your pal and your pal has complete trust in you. You admire your pal’s argumentative skills and they admire your in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. There would be lighthearted teasing between the humorous archer and fussy Librans.


There would be a party break out every time you meet your archer friend. Your pal would have the same festive spirit as both are archers and un-loving signs. You and your pal are always optimistic in all situations, outgoing and humorous. Both of you love to explore unknown places and crack gigs to make people laugh. It is an utter delight and fun for you to team with fellow Saggi.


There is hardly satisfying friendship like yours and Aquarians. Archer and water bearer are sociable, philosophical and adventurous. Both enjoy exploring new places, meeting new people and keep on discussing new experiences. There is no place of jealousy in your friendship. You adore your pal’s mastery in quantum physics and your flawless french is admired by water bearers.

Sagittarius worst enemy: Virgo, Pisces

Worst enemies for Sagittarius

It is a big challenge for you to form a friendship with goats as both are often at odds with each other. Goats have a constant focus on every keen detail while you only see a bigger picture. You are completely laid back and have sweeping vision and goats are a bit uptight and precise. The cautious approach of the goats makes you feel deflated.


It is very challenging for you to maintain a friendship with your pal. Fish expect support system from their friends while you love freedom and cherish your independence. Pisces individuals get emotional at unpleasantness and have mood swings and you are brutally honest with your pal. You love to keep on moving and Piscean prefers to sit and dream all the time.

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