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Rahu Mahadasha Effects Rahu Bad Effects Rahu Remedy

Rahu Mahadasha Effects Rahu Bad Effects Rahu Remedy

Do you lie, have the habit of deceiving people, drinking alcohol and adultery, then you can be a victim of Rahu’s wrath, because Rahu is a malefic planet and only its shadow on a person will corrupt his intelligence. Is. Although Rahu is basically a shadow planet, yet it is considered as a complete planet. Although it does not have any existence of its own, but in astrology it is considered more harmful than the planet Saturn. It is believed that the Mahadasha of Rahu definitely comes once in every person’s life. This Mahadasha lasts not for one or two but for the entire 18 years. A person affected by Rahu may also have to face humiliation and slander during this period.

Drinking alcohol and having relations with a foreign woman.
– Lying and deceiving.
– Insulting one’s guru or religion.
– Tantric work or desire for buried wealth or wrong.
– Leaving the kitchen and taking food elsewhere.
– Always speak harsh words.

Interested business.
– Consuming tamasic food continuously.

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May indulge in more drinking or sex.
– Losing temper over talk.
Vehicle accident, police case or quarrel with wife.
– Financial loss and mental stress.
Head injury may occur.
Being irresponsible and careless.
– Quarrel with in-laws.
– Decreased ability to think.
– Increase in fear and enemies in life.
– Lack of coordination.

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– the person will be rich
– Imagination will be sharp
Will be interested in mystical or religious things
– The best literary, philosophical, scientific or other qualities will be developed in the person.

– gas trouble
– hair fall
– stomach diseases
– hemorrhoid
– Madness
– Tuberculosis
– constant mental stress
– persistent headache
– The person can go to the insane asylum, dispensary or prison
– There may be a major illness or even death

Light an oil lamp in the temple of Lord Bhairav ​​on Sunday.
Offer water to Shivling every Monday.
– Do not consume alcohol at all.
Worship Hanuman and Saraswati.
– Recite Bajrang Baan or Hanuman Chalisa daily.
Donate sesame and barley in any Hanuman temple.
Keep the hair tied at the top of the head.
Keep good relations with in-laws.
Wash barley or cereals in milk and throw it in running water.

Worship Lord Shiva to get positive results from Rahu

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