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Are you a under Pisces sign? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Are you a under Pisces sign? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Pisces zodiac sign is a mutable water sign and the individuals of Aquarius are compassionate. It is ruled by the dreamy planet, Neptune. The sensitive and emotional Pisceans do friendship intuitively and are highly supportive to your friends.

You are always keen to know about the well beings of your pal and ready to support your pal in each and every way. Your friends always see a child inside you. You are a daydreamer and love to live in fantasy. You are a selfless and careful friend and have a vulnerable heart.

Compatibility is also based on Moon signs. Get a consultation from our expert astrologers and know which moon signs can be your best friend match or worst enemies.

Let us see Pisces best match and who is the worst enemy for Pisces.

Pisces best compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn.

Best Friend match for Pisces


Factual Taurus and fantastic Pisces are indifferent from each other on the first meet. But after getting along with each other, you and your pal find a lot of things in common. You and your pal are inclined towards beauty, art, music, and harmony and at the same time, both are pleasant and relaxed. Both of you enjoy music concerts, rock shows, watching movies, and art galleries. Your pal keeps you grounded when you are highly emotional. They admire you as you understand them the best. For instance, you know when they are in a leisure mood or just feeling lazy. Both of you love to go on a picnic and hang out in a coffee cafe and restaurant dining together. The beautiful thing about your friendship is both of you overlook the shortcomings and limitations of each other and enjoy knitting together.


Cancer is the best sign for you and you would have satisfying friendship with the Crabs. You and your pal are congenial souls. Your pal understands your emotions and makes you laugh when you are on the high nod of emotions. You also equally understand your pal and hug them when they need closed ones to share their feelings and sufferings. You would support your pal to do something out of the box and your insecurities are filled with affection for your pal. Both of you love to do artistic things and collaborate on creative projects. Your love for creativity makes room for an inclination towards painting and photography. You both would also plan delightful and leisure vacations on beaches and riverside.


Pisces and Virgo signs are astrologically opposite to each other but still, you make interesting and strong friendships with Virgo individuals. The traits and habits of both are totally baffling and confusing. But you and your pal start admiring each other’s strength as you get along with each other. Both of you welcome each other advice and enjoy leisure time together. You plan vacations, outdoor games and go for a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature with your pal. Your pal supports you when you find difficulty in spotting manipulators. When naive Pisceans and discerning Virgos come together they do wonders.


Pisces and Scorpio are water signs and both make terrific and rewarding friendships. Your perspective pal understands your emotions and sentiments and you can outpour it fully with them. Your pal sees your sensitivity as one of your strength and they reveal all their secrets with you. You and your pal keep each other’s privacy and secrecy and hence both have deepest respect for each other. Your pal cares about you and you lift their spirits when they feel low. Both are highly creative and working in collaboration would offer results par excellence. In your free time, you enjoy watching movies and going to music concerts and rock shows together.


You and Capricorn individuals make excellent friends. Your pal is sensible and helps you to become responsible and make your life structured and precise. You encourage your pal to take more risks in life for better returns and make their life fancy and playfully quaint. Your pal loves and cares about you too much and also stands with you in uncertainties and emergencies. You feel confident in dealing with things in the presence of your pal. Your pal makes you enjoy their dry humor, strengths, and authorities. Your pal admires your creativity, imaginations, compassion, love, and care for your friends. You help your pal to loosen up and they make you more accountable. Both of you have many interests in common like playing golf, historical subjects, knitting and writing poems.


You would have a satisfying experience when making friends with your fellow mates. Your uncanny hunches, sensitiveness and deep emotions are understood well without any explanations by your pal. You and your pal form mutual admiration and possess strong intuitive powers. Both of you are highly creative, have a huge inclination towards art, music, spiritual pursuits, dancing, taking photographs and writing poems together. The two of you are fond of going on trips to the beach and riverside. Know more about Pisces.

Pisces worst enemy: Leo, Sagittarius

Worst enemies for Pisces


The alliance of Leo and Pisces is quite unusual. Leos are outgoing personalities whereas Pisceans are a bit introvert. Leos are bold and proud whereas you are shy and retiring. Leos get baffled with your isolated way of doing things and love for privacy. You get bored with their self-centric stories. You would not tolerate their enormous ego and Leo can’t deal with your sentiments and tearful outbursts. You find difficulty in fulfilling commitments while Lions are fierce and loyal to the given commitments.


You find little tricky in forming a friendship with Sagittarius individuals. Pisceans have mood swings that make Sagittarius individuals go crazy. Pisceans feel annoyed with the brutal honesty of Archers. Archers are highly enthusiastic whereas Pisceans are laid-back. Your taste won’t match with the Archers. Sagittarius individuals would point out the differences and both feel frustrated when together. They don’t like the ambiguity of Pisceans and feel it a soar spot. They feel your company annoying as your laid back attitude gives a break to their enthusiasm.

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