The group of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu being formed in the sixth house of the Moon sign Cancer horoscope, will affect in this way

With the transit of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius, the changing effects of this great coincidence on all the signs of the zodiac are about to begin. During this, the combined effects of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu will be seen on the zodiac signs. The team of experienced astrologers from GaneshaSpeaks has studied the effects of the adjustment of Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu in Sagittarius on all the zodiac signs. For the time being, we will know the effect of the adjustment of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu on the water element Cancer.

Cancer woman of Brahman varna of water element is the sign of cognition, polyp, equi, purge rise, night sacrifice and variable nature. Ketu, Mars and Jupiter are getting adjusted in the sixth house of Cancer. In Vedic astrology, considering Mars as the planet of fire element, it is considered a symbol of the might of Kaal Purush. Jupiter is the planet of the sky element, and it has been called the intelligence of Kaal Purush, while Ketu is a shadow planet and belongs to the air element. With the adjustment of the three planets with different qualities in the sign of fire element Sagittarius, its effect on the sign of water element Cancer becomes deep and significant.


Jupiter, Ketu, and Mars converging in the sixth house of the Moon sign Cancer horoscope will have deep effects in all areas of their lives. The adjustment of these three planets is happening in the enemy house of the horoscope. This house is related to things like pain of life, duration of illness, and job. Talking about your career, during this time you should avoid getting involved in the affairs of others. Do not make any statement in front of your superiors or higher officials, doing so may hurt the self respect or ego of your officer or boss. Your such behavior may create problems for you and you may have to pay the price in the form of non-cooperation for some time.


Due to this great combination happening in the sixth house of Cancer horoscope, you should use your words very sparingly on the business front. Expecting success during this time, you should make concerted and sincere efforts on your part, so that the pre-determined goals can be achieved. During this time period it will be better for you to wait your time and prepare a better policy for yourself.

Love Affair

This great combination of Jupiter, Mars and Ketu, which is being prepared in the sixth house of Cancer horoscope, will have a favorable effect on the love relationship of Cancer people. During this time you will feel more commitment towards your partner in your love relationship. During this time your relationship will remain romantic and energetic. During this time period you will try to get rid of those things which are trying to stop you from living your life with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Personal and Married life

An assessment of the combined effects of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu on personal and married life reveals that, during this time you will try to do as much as you can on your own. But during this time your efforts for the continuation of family and married life feel less. Do not try to make your family, life partner or anyone else agree on your point of view or views during this time. Doing so is likely to adversely affect your personal, marital and social life.


The sixth house of the horoscope is directly related to the disease and its duration. Mars, Jupiter and Ketu are going to have a great conjunction in the sixth house of Cancer horoscope, it simply means that your health is going to be adversely affected during this period. During this time you should avoid doing anything so that your chronic pain or any past health problem does not bother you again.
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