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Moon Sign-wise Predictions for Lunar Eclipse

Moon Sign-wise Predictions for Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
Vedic Astrology considers Eclipses as difficult times. The Eclipses are believed to create confusions, induce hurdles and cause troubles. A Lunar Eclipse, as the name suggests, affects the Moon. And, the Moon is a very important calculation point in Astrology. As per Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the signifier of mind, moods, thoughts, mindsets, liquid cash, speculation related activities, investments and relationships with mother or motherly figures. During a Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon gets eclipsed or shadowed, you may also expect all the areas it signifies to get affected. Read about the Effects of Total Lunar Eclipse 2018.Moon Sign-wise Predictions for Lunar Eclipse
There are two types of Lunar Eclipse: Partial Lunar Eclipse and Total Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse slated for 8th October 2014 takes place in the Moon Sign Pisces (Meen Rashi). The effects of an Eclipse are said to last for 45 days from the day of the Eclipse itself. Thus, it would pay to remain very careful in the indicated areas for each Moon Sign.Buy a Chandra Yantra to institute and worship it, to get rid of the ill-effects of a Lunar Eclipse.

Following are the expected effects of this Eclipse on various Moon Signs –

Aries (Mesha Rashi)
The 8th October’14’s Lunar Eclipse is taking place in the 12th House from the Moon Sign Aries. This House signifies losses and expenses. Thus, it is indicated that the Lunar Eclipse may lead to an increase in financial liability and financial confusion. Losses are likely too. So, it will be imperative that Mesha Rashi natives take extreme care in financial matters. Avoid giving and taking loans, says Ganesha.

Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)
For the Moon Sign Taurus, this Lunar Eclipse shall be taking place in the 11th House – the House of Gains. This is a positive House, but the shadow of the eclipsed Moon may mar the opportunities, and you may feel that all the opportunities you had in hand have slipped away. Be careful, and do not reveal your inner thoughts and plans to others. You may feel that success and gains are evading you. Hang on! Read about the Effects of Total Lunar Eclipse 2018.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)
10th Sign from the Moon Sign Gemini gets affected under the influence of this Moon Sign. This indicates a difficult time for or with natives’ profession, father, authority figures, government related tasks and business. You will do well to take good care in these matters. Avoid conflict and disagreements with authority figures. There may be delays in government related tasks.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)
This Lunar Eclipse shall take place in the 9th Sign from Cancer. The 9th House is called as the House of Dharma and Destiny. Under the influence of this Eclipse, you may feel that your fortune and luck are not supporting you. Travel is indicated, but it may be troublesome, and thus shall be best avoided. You may have internal debates and may face anxiety owing to spiritual issues and conflicting philosophies.

Leo (Simha Rashi)
The 8th House relates to a person’s overall age, health, well-being and safety. It also signifies accidents, mishaps and financial troubles. Naturally, when this Eclipse falls in the 8th Sign from Leo, it is understandably not a good sign. The Leo natives will need to be very careful of their well-being during this time. They must avoid driving or drive carefully.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)
The Lunar Eclipse casts its aspersions in the 7th Sign from your Sign. The 7th House signifies partners, marriage, relationships, business partnerships etc. You may experience anxiety related to these areas during this time. There may even be a break in a difficult partnership. If you happen to be a public figure, defamation is likely. Take care! And, steer clear of marital discord, if possible.

Libra (Tula Rashi)
The Lunar Eclipse takes place in the 6th House for the Moon Sign Libra. This House represents enemies, liabilities, diseases, current job/ employment (not career), legal matters, daily routine and feeling of well-being. Under the influence of a disturbed Moon, you may find troubles in these areas, or you may simply feel unhappy with the conditions in these spheres. You may feel like changing your job, but may not find something attractive. Be careful of rivals and enemies, says Ganesha.

Scorpio (Vrushchika Rashi)
The 5th House represents creativity, children, speculation and generation. Under the influence of Lunar Eclipse on your 5th House, you may see that there are hurdles on to your path of education and creativity. You may find difficulties in conception, if that’s on your mind. And, if you are pregnant already, be very careful or chances of a miscarriage cannot be ruled out. Do not step out. You may also generally remain anxious about your work and/ or children. Losses in speculation are indicated.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)
8th October’s Lunar Eclipse casts its shadow on the 4th Sign from your Rashi. The 4th House related to comforts, luxuries, pleasures and love/ affection from mother/motherly figures. Be careful, as this time indicates difficulties in these areas. Be soft with your mother, or a dispute is likely. You may also face problems in real estate related deals or your money may get stuck. Trouble in home renovation projects is also indicated, so refrain from starting one now. If you have to now, buy an old vehicle, not new.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)
Your 3rd House gets affected under the influence of this Lunar Transit. Thus, you may face troubles in journey, relationships with siblings and legal matters. If nothing else, there may be a nagging sense of anxiety, which may not let you relax entirely. You may also not feel as courageous as you generally do, and may lack will and strength. Be careful, and do not hurt a loved one, especially a sibling.

Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi)
The 2nd House signifies wealth and finances. When the Lunar Eclipse affects the 2nd Sign from your Sign Aquarius, you may experience financial crunch. You may feel that the cash inflow has decreased. Or, you may simply be worried and anxious about monetary matters. At this time, there is also a possibility of your uttering something hurtful, which may cause conflict in your family. Hold back!

Pisces (Meen Rashi)
This Lunar Eclipse is going to take place in the Moon Sign Pisces itself. Thus, the natives of this Rashi shall need to be extremely careful, especially if the ones who were born in the Revathi Nakshatra (constellation). The 1st House signifies Self. So, health, overall life, well-being, progress, drive to move ahead – all shall need to be cared for. You may feel anxious about yourself at this time. Drive carefully.

Remedies to be followed by all Moon Signs – to decrease the effects of the Lunar Eclipse

  • 1. Chant the following mantra:

II Om Namah: Shivay II
II Om Hrim Chandray Namah: II

  • 2. Donate white clothes, ghee, milk, pearls, food grains and camphor
  • 3. People belonging to the Jain Samudaya may chant the following mantra:

II Om Hrim Namoh Arihantanam: II

You may buy an attuned, energised Chandra Yantra here.

  • 5. Chant Shiv Mahimna Strota and Chandra Kavacha
  • 6. Offer some food to beggars

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