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Lord Krishna Horoscope Analysis And Your Kundali

Lord Krishna Horoscope Analysis And Your Kundali

Winning the analysis of the horoscope of Lord Shri Krishna looks simple, it is equally difficult. Shri Krishna was born on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada, which is on 2nd September 2018 this year. Born in Mahanishithkal, the Moon was in Rohini Nakshatra at the time of Lord Krishna’s birth. Lord was born in Taurus ascendant. At this time both Ketu and Moon were situated in the ascendant. The Sun was exalted in the fourth house of the Lord. Mercury in the fifth house belongs to Virgo, which is his own zodiac sign. With Venus and Saturn in the sixth house, Shatruhanta yoga is formed. Venus is in its own sign Libra and Saturn is exalted in Libra.

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Surdasji himself has described the position of the celestial planets during the birth time of the Lord in his couplets.
Nandju fear my heart with joy, I hear you come to Mathurate,
Count the Lagna Sodhi astrology, you want to be heard.
Bhadon to ‘Ishvara’, the name is ju Krishna dharyo,
Rohini, Mercury, and the eighth dark ‘Harshan’ who are Parayo.
Taurus is the ascendant, the ‘Udupati’ of the exalted, the body is very pleasant,
Dal Chaturang Chale with them, Rasik Bihari is there.
Dinamani of the fourth Rasi Singh, conquer the kingdom,
Karihan name to Kansa Matul, some days have passed.
Fifth Mercury girl’s son, son will grow up sleeping,
In the light of the sixth Sukra Tula, there is no one left in Satru.
Low and high juwati bahu bhogai, seventh Rahu is parayo,
Ketu is Siam Baran in ‘murti’, minded in theft.
Makar Mahisut in the house of fortune, increase the opulence,
Dwija, a devotee of the master, Hoikai, Kamini-cited haraigo.

Surdas has considered in this verse all kinds of celestial positions during the time of birth of Shri Krishna. In the calculation of Surdasji, the incarnation of God is taking place at Nandbaba’s house. At that time there is an atmosphere of joy all around. The Moon is exalted in Taurus ascendant. Now we can do some calculations that should be viewed as normal.

Sun in fourth house gives trouble of separation from mother. Krishna had to go away from Mother Devaki as soon as he was born. Not only this, leaving mother Yashoda as a teenager, she had to come to Mathura again. Due to this sentiment, Mama Kansa was also killed. Surdasji has also said such a thing in his couplet. Exalted Mercury in the fifth house is a factor for good children.

Kamadeva himself was born as a son in the house of Shri Krishna. He was named Pradumna. Pradumna also killed a great demon. On the other hand, Shani and Venus give many enemies of Shri Krishna, but also make Shatruhanta Yoga. He has had many enemies from childhood till his whole life, but no one has been able to harm Shri Krishna. Ketu always makes the native very fair in the Ascendant, but Shri Krishna was of dark complexion. At the same time, Mars is also sitting exalted in the place of fortune, which makes Krishna mighty. On the other hand, being mighty, luck also supports them.

Very often Rahu sitting in the seventh house in the horoscope also tells the sum of more than one marriage or relationship. At the same time, it also tells the difficulty in married life. Most of the life of Shri Krishna was also in the works of the society. Overall, the horoscope of Krishna makes the native very hardworking. This is the reason why Shri Krishna always used to teach people to keep moving towards the path of action.

(This horoscope of Lord Shri Krishna is according to the conversation with experts and the basis given in the Puranas.)

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With the blessings of Ganeshji,
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