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Are You A Libran? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Are You A Libran? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Libra zodiac sign is a cardinal air sign and the individuals of Libra are sociable. It is ruled by the loving planet, Venus. Libra individuals make their closest mates feel super special ones and adored.

The friendship with artistic Librans is all about kindness, fun, and beauty. Librans will give importance to their friends’ needs and opinions over them.

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Let us see who is Libra’s best match and who is the worst enemy for Libra.

Libra’s best compatibility: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Best Friend match for Libra


Libra and Aries are astrologically opposite to each other but due to the sense of calmness and composure of Librans, they can have a very good friendship with Aries individuals. You appreciate the decisiveness, energy, and self-assurance of your friends. Your friend would also adjust to your change of plan at the last moment. Librans find themselves blessed to have a pal who is most of the time willing to shift gears at a notice of a short time.


Gemini is the best sign for Librans and both are born mates. They adore each other’s company and spend more and more time together. When Librans meet Gemini, there would be a roar of laughter at some silly gigs and exchange of ideas in a minute of greeting. You and your pal would be planning for holidays quite often and keep on discussing it but rarely stick to the plan.


Libra best matches with Leo individuals and both make fabulous friendships. You adore the glamour of Leo individuals and they adore your love for a good life. You and your pal don’t waste your time on fashion, festivals, and food. Your pal would insist you to do things in their style regardless of your interest area. Your change in plans and ideas and quick opinions would drive your pal crazy. But you and your friend have flair to bring out the best in each other and this is the secret of your long-lasting friendship. You and your pal have a keen interest in art and entertainment and both spend a lot of time together in watching a movie, art exhibitions, musical shows and many more.

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Librans love to be friends with individuals of their own sign as they are similar and familiar to each other. Your fellow Librans are as charming, witty and intelligent as you. Both of you adore the grace and beauty of the architecture of historic places. You and your mates enjoy discussing current affairs and do debates on the topics of your interest for long hours but the discussions would always be healthy. You and your pal keep on discussing things but never take decisive action. You and your pal have tons of interest in music and graceful sports.


You would hear a lot of critics for friendship with the big archer buffoonery, Sagittarius. But the critics don’t know that cultural Librans really admire and adore the archers. You and your pal take life for fun as you feel life is too short and has to be enjoyed fully. Your pal would make you laugh aloud with their funny gigs and bawdy jokes. Your pal makes you crack up with a wicked laugh even though you are a serious and polished person.


Your friendship with Aquarius is destined for having too much fun when you are together. Librans are good speakers and Aquarians are good listeners and so you both complement each other. You adore to throw parties for your mates and Aquarius pal would enjoy attending it the most. All your doubts and questions are easily resolved by your Aquarian friend. You overlook their stubbornness and they overlook your changing of plans every now and then.

Libra worst enemy: Cancer, Capricorn

Worst enemies for Libra


It is very difficult for Librans to understand Cancer individuals. Cancer individuals usually have mood swings and Librans are not able to comprehend them. You see the logic in all the things and Cancerians realm with emotions. Since you and Cancerians are odd and so different, it is difficult for you both to have friendly relations with each other.


Friendly and good-natured Librans find stoic Capricorn perplexing. You feel snubbed when you meet Capricorn’s flinty silences as it doesn’t match your outgoing and friendly personality. There would be powerful struggle to maintain friendly relations. The pessimism of Capricorn is unbearable for you. Your indecision and frequent changing of plans would make them go crazy and they grind their teeth.

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