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Kharmas and significance of donation

Kharmas and significance of donation

Make good fortune by donating saffron

Kharmas or Malmas has started with the Dhanu Sankranti of the Sun on Sunday, 16 December. Kharmas will end on 14 January 2019 with the Sun entering Capricorn. During this time no auspicious work should be done. When the Sun comes in the sign of Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces, then due to the setting of Jupiter, all kinds of auspicious works are prohibited. There is a belief to donate during Kharmas and by donating according to the date, you can get auspicious results.

Along with the worship of Sun God and Vishnu, do bath-donation

Lord Surya and Lord Vishnu are worshiped in Kharmas. Not only this, there is also a special importance of bathing and donating at religious places of worship these days. During this, it is important to offer Kheer with Tulsi leaves to Sri Hari Vishnu by fasting on the day of Ekadashi. Donating according to the date in Kharmas gives special results. Food donation has special significance in this month.

These works are prohibited in Kharmas
1. shaved
2. Marriage or other auspicious work
3. Farewell to daughter or daughter-in-law
4. Griha Pravesh
5. Launch of Business Establishment

Donate According To Astrology And Gain Blessings

Pratipada (Ekam, Padwa, First Tithi): Donating a silver vessel filled with ghee will give mental peace.
Dwitiya Tithi: By donating gold in a bronze vessel, there will never be a shortage of money and grains in the house.

  • Tritiya Tithi: Donating gram brings happiness in life.
  • Chaturthi Tithi: Donating Kharak gives benefits.
  • Panchami Tithi: By donating jaggery, honor and respect increase.
  • Shashti Tithi: Donation of medicine cures diseases and disorders.
  • Saptami Tithi: Donation of red sandalwood increases strength and intelligence.
  • Ashtami Tithi: Donation of sandalwood increases might.
  • Navami Tithi: Saffron donation will bring luck.
  • Dashami Tithi: Wishes will be fulfilled by donating musk.
  • Ekadashi Tithi: Donation of Gorochan increases intellect.
  • Dwadashi Tithi: Conch donation brings wealth.
  • Trayodashi Tithi: Donating a bell in a temple gives family happiness.
  • Chaturdashi Tithi: Donating white pearls removes mental disorders.
  • Poornima Tithi: Wealth is attained by donating gems.
  • Amavasya Tithi: By donating flour, you will get freedom from all kinds of troubles.

With the blessings of Shri Ganeshji
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22 Dec 2018

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