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Effects Of Venus Transit In Virgo

Effects Of Venus Transit In Virgo

Venus Aquarius Transit 2020 will create problems for Virgo, know its effect and solution

According to its nature, Venus in the horoscope provides natural happiness of love and married life. The effect of which is seen in the personal life of the person. In the current situation, Venus is going to transit from Capricorn to Aquarius. The transit of Venus in Aquarius is going to affect all the zodiac signs of the 2020 zodiac. Some zodiac signs will see its positive and some negative effects, while some zodiac signs will see mixed effects of Venus’s Aquarius transit 2020. We have tried to calculate its effect on each zodiac sign according to the position of Venus in the horoscope and suggest solutions accordingly.

Moon sign Virgo horoscope of Venus Aquarius transit 2020 will have more negative effects on the lives of the people. During this time Venus will transit from fifth to sixth house of the horoscope and it is the lord of second and ninth house. The sixth house of the horoscope is also known as the enemy house, it is related to the duration of disease, daily activities and enemy. Due to the negative effects of Venus transit 2020, Virgo natives may have to face difficulties in their career, business, financial, love and married life, health and education.

Aquarius Transit of Venus 2020 is going to be very negative in terms of career of Virgo natives. During this time there is a possibility of arguments or heated arguments with colleagues in job or professional life. Venus transit 2020 is happening in the sixth house of Virgo zodiac horoscope, and the lord of this house is Saturn. In Vedic astrology, the sixth house of the horoscope is known as the enemy house. Enemy in the horoscope signifies aspects like duration of disease, daily work, illness and debt. The transit of Venus in the sixth house of the horoscope can be very difficult and difficult from the career point of view. During this time you will have to face the challenges in front of you with patience and strength. Try to keep yourself calm at your workplace and avoid getting into an argument with a fellow employee. During this, by thinking carefully and moving forward towards your set goal, you will find yourself closer to success.

During the Aquarius transit of Venus 2020, Saturn, the lord of the sixth house of the horoscope, will travel in the fourth house of the horoscope for most of the time. During this, they will look at the sixth, tenth and first house of the horoscope from their place. The first house is related to your body, the sixth house is the enemy and the tenth house is related to your business and business. During Venus transit in Aquarius 2020, businessmen holding Virgo zodiac will get benefits only after hard efforts. During this time, there may be a lot of difficulties in business growth. During this time new business-businesses will also have to face difficulties and some positive results can be expected only after taking the necessary steps. In the meantime, be patient and try to reach the customers through some new endeavours.

Venus transit 2020 is decreasing in the sixth place of the horoscope, during this time the effect of the ill effects on the career and business of Virgo will be visible on the financial condition of the person. During this time, you should try to control other expenses while focusing on savings. During this, on some occasions, you will see big expenses happening without any reason. The transit of Venus also indicates the possibilities of travel. During this, avoid taking any kind of financial decision and if it is very important, then take the final decision only after a proper discussion on all aspects.

Venus, the natural giver of love and marital relations, is transiting from the fifth house to the sixth house of the girl’s birth chart. The sixth house of the horoscope being an enemy house is synonymous with the pain of Kalpurush. The rise of Venus in this house will negatively affect love and marital relations in the horoscope of the girl child. During this time, people trying to give a happy turn to live with the sweet relationship of love, there may be some sourness in their relationship with their love partner. During this, many issues will affect the love relationship of the loving natives. During this time, your love partner can also do the work of giving you an emotional shock.

Similarly, Virgo natives trying to enjoy married life will also face difficulties in maintaining good relations with their life partner during this period. During this time your married life is going to go through difficulties and stress. You will also not get full support from your life partner, and you will be more emotionally sad about this. Avoid arguing over petty matters during this time period, make your life partner aware of your situation and try to spend more time with them.

The Aquarius transit of Venus 2020 is going to have an average impact from the point of view of education. During this, you will have to achieve your set goal with your hard work. But students associated with the field of medicine are likely to get some good opportunities during this period. However, for this also you will have to enhance your abilities, while enhancing your personality. With the development of some new abilities in yourself, you will find yourself more prepared for those opportunities in life and achieve your goals with confidence.

Venus transit 2020 in Aquarius will have a very opposite effect on health. During this time you may have to face some health-related problems. During this time, you should proceed with your plans, being more health-conscious. During this time you will not be able to find time to complete your day-to-day tasks due to your busy routine. But you have to take care of your eating, sleeping and mental rest while being more conscious of your health during the Aquarius transit of Venus. During this, a little carelessness can harm you for a long time. Due to the carelessness taken during this time, you will not be able to complete your scheduled programs on time, this will also have a negative effect on your career, business, education and financial condition. Special advice is to take care of your health during this time, fix the time of eating and sleeping and give priority to nutritious food in the food.

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