Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn on Virgo Moon Sign

Published on December 12, 2019

Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn on Virgo Moon Sign - GaneshaSpeaks

Saturn being a slow-moving planet leaves a deep and lasting impact on an individual’s life. If you are under the effect of this hard master, it makes sure that the ride is not as easy as you think. Now it’s time that the planet comes back home to Capricorn, its own zodiac sign. The transit starts from January 23, 2020, and ends around April 2022. Saturn stays in any sign for approximately two and a half years. Hence, it takes about 30 years to meet all the 12 signs of the zodiac wheel.

The Virgo sign’s birth chart has Saturn’s rule over the 5th and 6th house. Now, it is going to transit to the 5th house in your chart. This is the house of progeny, mental ability, learning, fame, artistic talent, and love affairs. This is going to be a sensitive transit for you as it may touch the marital life and also affect your relationship. You would have to apply a methodical approach to your business prospects as well.

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Summary of Last Transit and effects of Dhaiya (Small Panoti) on Virgo moon sign

When Saturn made its transit to Sagittarius in 2017, the environment around you may not have been up to the mark. During this phase, you were under the influence of Saturn’s small panoti. Hence, you might have faced issues related to your domestic life, career, mother’s health, social life, or issues with maternal family members. However, this was the phase that needed you to look into the depths of your mind and becoming serious about life matters. Also, your previous health issues might have resurfaced during this period. For any on-going disease, there might have been slow recovery in your path. However, your small Dhaiya phase is going to be over on January 24, 2020. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to know what the upcoming phase has in store for you.

Effects of Saturn transit on Virgo Moon Sign from January 23, 2020, till April 2022

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to moon sign.)

The Saturn transit is going to bring some ups and downs in your life. But, there may be an improvement in your overall path during this period. Though it is not comprehensively in your favor but you can make some positive changes in your path. Any pending or unresolved issues will start getting resolved with your own wisdom. However, you still need to be careful while making huge investment and speculation as you may not get the desired financial outcome so easily. It will be a transit that will ask you to keep your mind calm and not make any decisions hastily.

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Impact of Saturn transit 2020 on Career

  • You will remain practical while dealing with the issues which may arise at the professional front.
  • Work pressure is going to take a leap demanding a trajectory of work tasks to be completed on time. However, you can plan out your priorities and start working on them from now to remain focused.
  • Being driven with ambition, you may decide to give your best shot at the workplace, and this will trigger a positive chain reaction. Direct interactions with seniors for important tasks are foreseen.
  • Your dedication is likely to pay you back and the results would make you satisfied at the workplace.
  • There are chances of your growth graph going upwards. It is possible that you may get a promotion for which you were waiting for a long time. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to grow in your career.

Impact of Saturn transit 2020 on Business Life

  • As far as business individuals are concerned, there might be a slow down in your projects.
  • Focused approach with discipline will be needed to complete your tasks on time.
  • The rational approach along with your experience will help you in consolidating your position.
  • Sustained hard work and doing things methodically seems the right way to achieve the desired level of success.
  • Hence, the Saturn transit is going to demand a lot of focus and logical approach before finalizing any decision. Get solutions to your business issues with your personalized Saturn Transit Report.

Impact of Saturn transit 2020 on Finance

  • There are chances of sudden financial expenses coming your way. You will need to stick to your budget planning, else you may find yourself short of money.
  • This is the time when you will feel that your savings are less satisfactory as compared to what you desire. You will wish to have more savings in the time to come in order to fulfill your wishes and for financial security.
  • You may recover some pending dues of the previous times. Besides this, some good earning opportunities will further enhance your financial strength.
  • This is an excellent time to make long term investments. Investments done during this phase will bring good returns in the future.
  • As Saturn is aspecting the 2nd house of finance, you will be able to maintain your financial position by curbing unnecessary expenses.
  • In all, your monetary inflow is going to remain moderate. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report for the betterment of your finances.

Impact of Saturn transit 2020 on Love Life and Marital Life

  • There are chances of friction in your love life. However, your well-wishers will be supportive of you. This way you will be able to resolve problems.
  • You will be expected to act more maturely to remain happy in your love life.
  • Saturn will be aspecting the 7th house of marriage which may trigger difference of opinion with your spouse. Listen to your spouse’s point as well in order to maintain harmony in your married life.
  • Maintaining a calm and composed attitude will help you deal with problematic situations. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to take your relationship to the next level of happiness.

Impact of Saturn transit 2020 on Health

  • As far as health is concerned, it will remain average. However, you are likely to be touched with emotional weakness during the transit.
  • You will make it a priority to focus more on your health to improve and maintain it.
  • Emotional instability may lead to mental stress which may affect your health. Hence, you should always be in the company of people who help you in maintaining a positive frame of mind.
  • You are suggested to remain optimistic in any obstacle that comes your way. If you give way to negative thoughts in your mind, then depression or disappointments may engulf you. Hence, you need to look at the bigger picture and not let any situation hinder your peace. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to remain on the bright side of your health.

Closing note

As they say, hard work and patience shall reap the benefits in life. You can come out with flying colors if you understood the true meaning of the tests that Saturn puts you through. Your positivity will make you go a long way.

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