On a Diet? Find How various Zodiac Signs prefer to diet!

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Aries: The Ra ms’ interest in health and appearance means they hate being overweight. And though they tend to start a diet program with great zest, they give up if results don’t come rapidly, and change the diet program. Given the fact that they don’t like restrictions and have an impulsive nature, it is very difficult for them to stick to one program for long, so they need to be patient while waiting for results.

Taurus: The earthy Bulls are not lured by weight loss gimmicks. Because they are methodical, natural methods of dieting are easier for them. Besides, their patience ensures they stick to their program even if results are slow to come. The typical Bulls anyway tend to lose weight rather slowly because they have a slow metabolism rate and don’t much enjoy exercise. They need to cut down on sweets.

Gemini: The Twins tend to burn calories fast, but this does not always ensure weight loss. It is because of their impatience and high expectations. However, their optimism and love of change can motivate them to make the required lifestyle changes to lose weight. They need support to help them stay calm if weight loss is slow. Besides, they need to avoid keeping one eye constantly on the weighing scale.

Cancer:The overweight Crabs can spend ages worrying about their weight without committing to a diet program. The reason for this is that they love to eat and feed others. Hence the idea of following a diet program doesn’t appeal to them. However, their great asset is patience and perseverance, so once they start a diet program, they will stick to it until they see the results. All they need is a good incentive to start on a diet program.

Leo: For the weight conscious Lions, losing the kilos can be a tricky affair. If a diet program gives them instant results, they become enthusiastic and shed the excess flab quickly, so they tend to take up fad diet programs, which give quick but not lasting results. It is therefore important for them to choose a natural diet program which offers reliable weight loss. Besides they will need family support if the program makes them feel down on certain days.

Virgo: For the Virgins, losing weight can be a struggle, despite their positive outlook. Though they are gifted with practicality, which helps them choose reliable diet programs, they can harbour very high expectations, which sometimes makes them lose heart instead of weight, and then they quit or end up binging on food. If they really want to lose weight they need to join a support group to cope with disappointments.

Libra: The Scales usually have a slow metabolism rate and tend to gain weight easily, mainly because they have a sweet tooth and are not too inclined to exercise. But they are very conscious about their weight and appearance, so they need a lot of self-motivation to begin a diet program. They need to have a balanced and healthy diet, and try to eat a little less than they usually do. Joining a gym would greatly help them exercise in a disciplined way.

Scorpio: When the Scorpions set their minds to losing weight they go about it in a very determined and methodical way. And if their worldly responsibilities pose an obstacle in their way they can become very anxious. Additionally, they can get so immersed in their diet program that they sometimes tend to overdo it, either by eating too little or by exercising too much. These are pitfalls they need to avoid.

Sagittarius: It is not very difficult for an Archer to lose weight as they enjoy exercising. But their weakness is that they tend to bite off more than they can chew. They are quite capable of beginning both a new job and a new diet plan together, but this enthusiasm can sometimes result in compromising on one of both of them. They need to limit their commitments while undergoing a weight loss program.

Capricorn: The Goats can be extremely focused, methodical and able to sacrifice everything to achieve their goals. Though they are not prone to gaining weight, when they do gain it, they don’t have much of a problem losing the extra kilos. The problem with Goats is that they don’t heed to advise from others, which can be risky when undergoing a diet program. A simple program of diet and light exercises is ideal for them

Aquarius: The Water Carriers can get tempted by fad diets and food supplements, but eventually end up selecting a natural and healthy diet plan. Since they are optimistic and independent, they don’t quit the program until they get the desired results. However, they are loners, unpredictable and don’t like too many restrictions, so they need to go in for a diet program that is flexible.

Pisces: The Fish are as unpredictable as they come they say one thing, and then go ahead and do exactly the opposite. They also like to eat rich food and can be prone to gaining weight, so they should choose a diet plan which has a lot of variety. It is difficult for them to start a diet program, they need a lot of external motivation to do so, so they need to put their imagination to good use and visualise how they would look after shedding the unwanted kilos.

06 Nov 2013


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