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Know About Different Colours As Per Astrology

Indeed, colour plays a vital role in the world. Colour can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. Other than a favourite colour, there is also a lucky colour of the day. Choice of colour of a person reflects the status of his soul, body and mind. Colours add glamour to an outfit. Apart from making us look and feel better, colours have an important role to play in astrology also.

Let us find out what color you should wear, according to the day of the week:

Monday is considered to be the day of the moon — you should wear white coloured clothes on this day that will keep you cool. Tuesday is revered as being the day of Hanuman who had once applied orange coloured sindoor on his body to prove his allegiance to Ram. So, wear orange coloured clothes on this day. Wednesday is the day of Lord Ganesha. Hence, it is suggested to dress up in green colour on this day. Thursday is considered to belong to Jupiter. Hence you should wear yellow coloured clothes on this day. Friday is dedicated to the almighty Goddess Durga. Hence it is said that you should wear multi-coloured clothes on this day. Saturday is dedicated to the planet Saturn – you should wear blue coloured clothes to please this planet. It is said that Sunday is associated with the Sun – one should wear pink coloured clothes today.

Every colour has a particular quality and is governed by a specific planet. Colours associated with planets are as follows:

Sun Orange
Moon Pale Yellow
Mars Red
Mercury Green
Jupiter Yellow
Venus White (Transparent) or Pink
Saturn Navy Blue or Black
Rahu Black
Ketu Red

Each of us is born under a particular zodiac sign or astrological sign. It is natural to correlate the sequence of colours in the visible spectrum of light with each of these astrological signs. Deep blood red is associated with Aries. Pink, cream, black and white really suits a Taurian’s temperament. Geminisslove the colour green, as it symbolizes growth, rejuvenation and creativity. Blue, white and sea green work for Cancerians.

The colour orange suits the Leos. Virgo should opt pastel and pale shades.

Blue is apt for a Libran, as it symbolizes balance and harmony in all spheres of life. Scarlet colour captures the mystic aura of Scorpions. Sagittarius love orange, red, yellow and canary yellow. Capricorns prefer earthy shades like brown and khaki. Violets and other psychedelic colours appeal to Aquarians. Yellow really does wonders for Pisces. Colour astrology has also defined the colours of love and luck. Red is considered to be the colour of love while Gold and Yellow is known to be the colour of luck

Q- Which is the colour of prosperity?
A– Green is the colour of prosperity and abundance, of finance and material wealth. It should be worn on Wednesdays.

Q- Which colour should we not wear to keep pessimism at bay? And which mantra can be recited for the same?
A- Yellow attracts positivity. One can chant the Omkar Mantra, Gayatri mantra and Hanuman mantra for positive energy.

It is said that the nine planets are emitters of different colours and contain different energies – these energies can make or break one’s fate, so it’s best to know what colour you have to wear. Ask our astrologer for more personalized details about your lucky colour.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team