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Are you Capricorn? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Are you Capricorn? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Capricorn zodiac sign is a cardinal earth sign and the individuals of Capricorn are hardworking. It is ruled by the steady planet, Saturn. The goal-oriented Capricornians are very serious in their duties and responsibilities at a personal and professional front. You constantly aspire for your reputation and improvement in status.

Goats are a highly trustable, worthy and reliable friend but most of the time you are busy in their schedule and thoughtful aspects. You are not an extrovert or spontaneous friend but you do friendship with great sincerity and your friends can always depend on you when they are facing tough situations in life.

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Let us see Capricorn best match and who is the worst enemy for Libra.

Capricorn best compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Best Friend match for Capricorn


Taurus is the best sign for the goats and the friendship between them is more precious than gold. You and your pal are equally loyal, loving and humorous. Your dependability, suaveness and drive for friendship make your pal crazy fan of you. You and your pal love to build a fortune and take retirement early. Whenever you meet your pal, you would engage in discussing future goals and plans. Your pal wanted you to enjoy your wealth freely and you wanted them to be a little quicker in getting ideas and working on instincts.


Capricorn and Cancer signs are astrologically opposite to each other still you feel a kinship with the Crabs. This kinship is all due to the care and consideration from the Crabs that warms and pleases your heart. Your pal recognizes your hidden executive ability and sees you as an allied spirit. Your pals from their emotional intelligence thrive your need and your enormously practical nature aids them to succeed in their life. You and your pal are builders of friendship and balance each other too well.


You are highly compatible with Virgos and make strong lifetime friendships with them. Being earth signs, you have a natural affinity regarding safety and security for your pal. You and your pal are cautious by nature yet you develop instinct liking for them. You admire the dressing style and fashion taste of Virgos and they admire your way of performing business suit. You will help your pal in getting a high pay scale job due to their executive skills. Their research skills will help you to find great bargains in all areas of life.

You and your pal have great respect for each other’s personality and ability and are highly comfortable. Your pal understands your wary outlook for life. You read each other’s silence very well and so there are fewer exchange words between you. You and your pal have a good sense of humor and exchange funny gigs and have fun watching dark comedy movies together. Your ability to maintain relationships would lead to a long-lasting friendship between you both.


You feel great with your fellow goats and make a great team together. You and your pal know each other’s dependency levels during the thick and thin of life and would go the extra mile for your friendship. Both of you are wary and yet motivate each other to take risks in order to reach a milestone. Goats are naturally gifted to know the potential of others and this is the secret of your long-lasting friendship. Your ideas for new ventures are always welcomed by your pal. You and your pal form a strong reassuring bond.


You and your pal complement each other and make excellent friends. You are highly sensible which aids your impractical pal to be more responsible. Your fancy pal motivates you to take few risks in life. Your pal expects a shelter while facing storm like situations and you are also happy to give them shelter. When you need help your pal will be always there for you and dry your tears. You will break down your emotions in front of Piscean friends and they will console you with their compassion and kindness.

Capricorn worst enemy: Libra, Aries

Worst enemies for Capricorn


You and Librans are totally different personalities and this is the reason you don’t get along well with them. Librans enjoy playing with concepts whereas goats enjoy dealing with facts. You have a steady mindset and Librans keep on changing like the wind. Librans are idealistic and a bit dreamy whereas you are realistic in nature. You grind gears when Librans don’t come up with a decision and your seriousness all the time drives them crazy. Librans feel snubbed with your stony silences.


You feel odd with the fiery Aries individuals as they prefer to look forward and you prefer to look back. You and Arians are completely opposite to each other in many ways, hence, it becomes a challenge for you in maintaining relationships with Arians. You have a cool attitude and Arians are hotheaded and fiery most of the time. You love to enjoy your life fully and Arians live life as if it is a race. You are dubious about new ideas and things and Arians are pioneers. Arians live in fast track mode and you prefer life with caution and slow pace.

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