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Find Out The Importance Of Gemstones In Astrology

Astrology, specifically Vedic Astrology, places great emphasis on the use of Gemstones as practical remedies, which can help avoid or reduce the negative planetary effects or strengthen or increase the positive planetary effects – as per a person’s Horoscope.

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Each Planet is associated with a certain Gemstone – basis the Gemstone’s colour, colour’s wavelength, various available tints, mineral composition, lustre, transparency and other properties.

Likewise, there are 27 Constellations or Nakshatras, as per Astrology. Each of these Constellations is associated with any of the 9 Planets. And, thus there is a Gemstone for each Nakshatra too, basis the attached Planet.

Astrologers recommend Gemstones, basis the Moon Sign (Rashi) or Ascendant Sign (Lagna) of a person, or sometimes as per the applying Constellation (Nakshatra) in a Chart, which are determined from his/ her Personal Horoscope.

An experienced and expert Astrologer will take these as well as your present issue or life situation into consideration to arrive at a reliable conclusion, and recommend the best Gemstone meant for you.

Apart from this, Gemstones, as per Vedic Astrology, can help treat specific diseases or address particular situations in life – and sometimes, Astrologers recommend a Gemstone just for this. Once a good solution to such a situation is obtained, the use of Gemstone is, then generally, recommended to be stopped.

So, there are Gemstones, which are meant to be worn for life – the ones that agree with a person’s Horoscope. And, there are the ones, which are meant to worn for a short duration – as a special remedy – until a certain solution is arrived at.

Also note that specific metal/s or specifically coloured metal/s, is/are also known to be associated with various Planets. Expert Astrologers, thus, also recommend the suitable metals varying from the precious Gold, Silver to less expensive ones like Copper to alloys like PanchDhatu (Five metals) and Brass as suitable carriers for creating wearables (jewelery pieces) with the recommended Gemstones.

These metals correspond to the planets, and their combination with a suitable gemstone helps the wearer, thus, considerably boost the strength of a said Planet in the Natal Chart.

Metals not suitable for or not in consonance with a certain Gemstone can also result in early degradation of a Gemstone. If the metal does not agree with a Planet, its use with a Gemstone can neutralise/ nullify the desirable properties of a Gemstone. For example, a Pearl is ideally not worn in Gold or Yellow metal (unless, advised by an expert Astrologer), while the Yellow Sapphire is best worn in a Yellow metal, if all its benefits are to be derived.

The Science behind using Gemstones in Astrology….

The Sunlight can be broken into 7 colours – the 7 colours of the Vibgyor or the spectrum. Apart from the visible sun rays, there are 2 invisible rays – infra-red and ultra-violet – which correspond to two invisible colours.

Now, as per Astrology, there are 7 manifest planets and 2 Shadow planets – the North Node (Rahu) and the South Node (Ketu). The total, thus, again comes to 9 planets, as considered in Astrology.

Going further on this – note that the 9 colours (of the light) are said to correspond to the 9 planets in Astrology – each attributing to different qualities, strengths and weaknesses. This Cosmic matrix of 9 colours, to a great extent, forms the basis of the Astrological Gemology too.

Each Planet is associated with a Gemstone, basis the wavelength of the coloured light emanated from the Planets. The wavelength of the coloured light associated with a planet is said to match the wavelength of the colour of its corresponding gemstone.

So, when a person falls short of a certain vibration or energy, as per Astrology, and is, thus, prescribed a Gemstone to fill the gap – the entire process is in synchronicity with the natural energy systems. The Astrologers apply this theorem to increase the power of (the requisite) planets in a Chart, by recommending the suitable gemstones corresponding to them.

Plus, various Gemstones are a resulting complex of various minerals, forming the stone. These minerals are also associated with the 9 Planets in Astrology – and thus, correspond to various qualities and characteristics.

It is believed that when a person keeps a gemstone in constant contact with his/ her body, by the way of wearing it in a ring or pendant, or any other way, the forming minerals of the Gemstone tend to percolate in his/ her system with constant wear and tear or washing (by bathing etc.)

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These minerals, thus, get absorbed by the human body/ skin, and mingle with the system to produce desirable results – by strengthening the overall system, increasing positive energy flow and boosting body’s resistance.

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