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Enhancing Wealth

Enhancing Wealth

Is money a challenge for you? Do you have a positive cash flow, or are you always in debt? Do you frequently think about how much money you have in the bank? Do you worry about how you are going to pay your bills?

This chapter focuses on how to enhance your Wealth gua. In Feng Shui, wealth is also power, abundance and prosperity. In our culture money is seen as power, so having money means you have the power to get what you want. Wealth is having the resources and the money for the good things in life that you deserve. It also enables you in other areas of your life and allows you to help other people.

By applying the Bagua to your floor plan, you will be able to determine the Wealth areas/guas of your home or office. The Wealth area is located in the far left section or corner of your building, home or room that you are working with. This is the power corner and is the farthest distance from the entry door.

One of the most powerful cures to use in the Wealth area is to place a water fountain in one or more of your Wealth areas. When you put this cure in place, reinforce it by visualizing that wealth is now flowing to you abundantly. Although larger fountains are generally better, any size can be effective. Tabletop water fountains can be found in a variety of hobby stores, department stores and online. You can easily and inexpensively create your own fountain with a ceramic container, some smooth rocks or crystal chunks, and a small aquarium pump.

Aquariums and fishbowls are additional wealth cures for the home, room or office. You may have noticed large, beautiful aquariums located in many Chinese restaurants. These strong wealth producers are placed to create powerful wealth chi for the owners of these businesses. Aquariums containing living fish add wealth energy and should include eight red or golden fish and one black one.

Place an aquarium near the entrance or in the entryway, in the Career area of the home or office and in the Wealth area to duplicate your wealth energy. Always remember to utilize the. Three Secret Reinforcements and visualize prosperity and abundance in your life to make this cure more effective.

When using water fountains, aquariums or fish bowls as wealth enhancements, it is important to keep the water clean and flowing at all times. Stagnant water and algae build-up with stop the flow of wealth and create stagnant energy.

Another Feng Shui cure for Wealth is to bury nine I-Ching coins1 in the soil of a plant or tree placed in the Wealth corner of your home or office. Symbolically, as the plant or tree grows, the abundance in your life will increase. Try using fast growing plants such as bamboo.

If you are seeking a pay raise, or would like to attract more business, place a bamboo plant on the left hand corner of your desk. Visualize prosperity and abundance to activate this cure.

Hang three Chinese I-Ching coins1 on the inside door handle of your main door. Tie the coins together with red string or cord, in 8. increments, to activate the prosperity already inside.

When using Feng Shui, one must remember that this art is about harnessing the energy which we all have access to. Additionally, Feng Shui is a spiritual practice. It is connecting to and becoming part of the natural flow. Feng Shui helps us to balance and harmonize our surroundings; therefore it is important that you apply these principles with a balanced attitude.

If you are frustrated and stressed out when you place a water fountain in your Wealth area, I guarantee that you will not experience any results. Take a moment to breathe. Inhale deeply through your nose, and exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing all negativity. Focus your energy on the result you would like to achieve. Hold the water fountain in both hands and program it to be your vessel of wealth and prosperity. I realize this may be unfamiliar to you and you may feel uncomfortable at first. Please trust me when I say, if you take the time to perform Feng Shui properly, the results will astound you. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone.

If you have not already done so, remove all the clutter from this area before placing the cure. Fix any damaged or broken items. Wealth energy cannot arrive in a cluttered location that contains broken items. This space is sacred and needs to be clean. Ring bells in the corner to release stagnant energy. If you don’t have bells, use the lids to cooking pots and bang together. Additionally, you can burn sage smudge to cleanse and purify this area. If you burn sage smudge, be sure to leave a door or window open, so the negative energy can disperse.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,