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11 Reasons Why Astrology Can Be Your Best Friend Forever!

11 Reasons Why Astrology Can Be Your Best Friend Forever!

11 Reasons to Believe in Astrology

I. It is a Lifesaver!
How? Because, it lets you know of the future glitches, hurdles and obstacles, well in advance. So, you are forewarned…and can choose to be forearmed!On a serious note, Astrology can really be a life-saver, even if not literally. No one is asking you to don an armour and go fighting. You can simply follow the advice, suggestions and precautions suggested in a reading, and save yourself from a lot of pain, without doing much. For example, if your Astrological reading says that you need to be careful while dealing with your superiors at work for a month, and you follow the advice, you really don’t stand to lose anything. Do you?

II. It is FUN!
Yes, it is fun, with a capital F! Why? Because, there is such a super cool, fun side to this rather serious subject, if you care to explore it. The Sun Signs, the little fortune telling tricks, colourful Cards, the lucky charms and more. You can associate Sun Signs to almost all aspects of your life, and you will see they are, apart from being so insightful, so fun and amusingly correct. There are so many games and party ideas/ themes you can plan around the Signs.

III. It is all about YOU!
…and like nothing else. Your Horoscope is like a blue print, a road-map of your life – that got created, precisely at the time you were born. So, it is as unique as your finger-prints are. Each planet’s placement in your Chart/ Horoscope reveals so much about your personality, characteristics, nature and destiny.

IV. It can tell you of your Real Strengths
Since, your Horoscope and your Signs – the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant – are so uniquely you, they can help you trace, find and reveal your strengths – your natural fine qualities you were born with – which you just have to bring out, hone and polish and you should be good to go.

V. …And, your Weaknesses too.
Astrology and Horoscope readings are like seeing a mirror – if they can point at your special, focal points, they also do not hide your flaws. There is a special Astrology reading called as the
Janampatri Reading, which should ideally be done for every child, as it’s like looking at all the Natal (birth) possibilities for a person – his/ her entire personality, strengths, weaknesses and more.

VI. It is Progressive and Insightful..tells you to move ahead with changing times!
Since Astrology takes into account two major aspects – your Birth Potential (that is revealed through your Birth Chart – or something like a Life Predictions Reading) and the effects of the Transiting Planets on your Personal Horoscope/s, the ongoing Dashas/ Planetary Periods applicable for you – it is not uni-dimensional. It does not restrict you, but has an inherent message that with changing times, things change; and, what we may not have since birth, may be presented to as an opportunities by life and planets, as you move ahead in life.

VII. It can help you choose and make a good, happy work-life.
Since Astrology is such a clear and honest guide (if you meet and see a good and well read Astrology practitioner), it can clearly tell you what career and education path should you follow to make a successful and contended life. The insights and advice from Astrology can also help you make the best use of opportune times, while ducking the leaner, disadvantageous times.Plus, Astrology’s solution oriented approach can help you see the ray of light in the worst of the situations. By using the practical remedies, you can feel better and also negate the ill-influences of planets.

VIII. Love Happy!
Astrology, like all other holistic subjects, believes that as humans, you all have a deep need to feel connected and appreciated and thus, the importance of love and relationships in everyone’s life.Astrology can tell about your love potential, the kind of marriage you are destined to have, the kind of partner you may have and much more. By knowing all these things, you can make the best use of opportunities, get rid of avoidable personality traits and take appropriate measures to lead a healthy and happy love, married and sex life.An Astrology Reading called as Kundali Matching is a great guide, as it helps people match their Horoscope with a prospective partner, and choose the best person as their life partner.

IX. It makes you better person
Astrology shows you the mirror – as you are! As human beings, we all are given to shortcomings and have flaws. And, earlier we accept that we are not perfect, the better.Astrology readings like Life Predictions Reading or Your Horoscope Analysis will not hesitate in calling a spade a spade. So, if you are a short-tempered, rude person, a good Astrological Reading will tell you so – on your face. And, will clearly tell you that in order to get rid of your problems, you have to get rid of such characteristics of yours – So, in the end, in order to get over your troubles, you become a better, more evolved person.

X. It is NOT Superstition – It is Mathematics
Astrology is the time-tested wisdom of the ancient scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads. It is not superstition and it is not baseless. It is a tested and innumerable times proven faith and subject, which has a mathematical basis. The Kundalis or Horoscopes are created as per numerological calculations and geometric patterns, and have mathematical basis.Astrology is a subject, which is taught and instructed in some of the biggest universities across the world. The actual implementation can be done is polished and perfected by practitioner, and the fundamental, like Mathematics, remains the same – practice and relentless pursuit makes one perfect!

XI. It has an expansive 4-Dimensional Perspective
Last, but not the least – Astrology is vast and can encompass all aspects of your life – in a great detail. It can help you see yourself, others, the whole world and even get ‘inwards’ and get spiritual.It tells you there are 3 effects of everything – planets or things in life – good, bad and neutral and yet there is a 4th side – that you create by your own Karma.It takes all the three dimensions of this world into account – You, the World and the Spirituality (your inner self/core), along with the 4th dimension of a God, the Unseen, the super-power, the remedies, the solutions, the Faith – all of which can help you mitigate troubles and ill-influences, given you try.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team