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Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat 2024: Dates, Timings & Significance

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat 2024: Dates, Timings & Significance

As per Hindu culture, the name you keep for your baby possesses particular energy that allows him/her to resonate with the apt cosmic energy. This aids in the comprehensive growth of the child in a materialistic and spiritual manner. In Hinduism, there are various rituals to be performed in one’s life right from birth. One of those important rituals is the naming ceremony at home which is the formal event in which a child is being named and welcomed to the family and community.

Traditional naming ceremony helps the child to have good power in the society when growing up. But for every ceremony being conducted, seeking the right muhurat is very important. In this article, we provide all the details of the Naming ceremony 2024 dates and timings for your boy or girl. If you are unsure about the right procedure for name keeping ceremony, approach an expert astrologer and he will analyse your baby’s horoscope and decide on the naming day celebration.

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Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In January 2024

January, 2024
03/01/202408.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
04/01/202408.00 to 22.00Hasta
08/01/202408.00 to 22.00Anuradha
12/01/202408.00 to 23.00Uttara Ashadha
17/01/202408.00 to 23.00Revati
18/01/202408.00 to 20.00Ashwini
21/01/202408.00 to 23.00Rohini
22/01/202408.00 to 23.00Mrigashirsha
25/01/202409.00 to 23.00Pushya
31/01/202408.00 to 23.00Hasta

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In February 2024

February, 2024
01/02/202408.00 to 23.00Chitra
02/02/202408.00 to 23.00Swati
08/02/202408.00 to 12.00Uttarashadha
11/02/202408.00 to 17.00Shatabhisha
14/02/202408.00 to 23.00Revati, Ashwini
18/02/202408.00 to 23.00Mrigashirsha
21/02/202415.00 to 23.00Punarvasu
22/02/202407.00 to 13.00Pushya
26/02/202407.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
29/02/202407.00 to 23.00Swati

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In March 2024

March, 2024
01/03/202407.00 to 12.50Swati
03/03/202407.00 to 15.00Anuradha
07/03/202407.00 to 23.00Uttarashadha
08/03/202407.00 to 10.30Shravana
11/03/202407.00 to 23.00Uttarabhadrapada
17/03/202407.00 to 16.00Mrigashirsha
20/03/202407.00 to 22.00Pushya
24/03/202410.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
25/03/202407.00 to 23.00Hasta
27/03/202407.00 to 23.00Chitra
28/03/202407.00 to 18.00Swati

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In April 2024

April, 2024
04/04/202407.00 to 20.00Shravana
12/04/202414.00 to 23.00Rohini
21/04/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
24/04/202406.00 to 23.00Swati

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In May 2024

May, 2024
01/05/202406.00 to 23.00Shravana
03/05/202406.00 to 23.00Shatabhisha
05/05/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Bhadrapada
06/05/202406.00 to 14.00Revati
09/05/202412.00 to 23.00Rohini
10/05/202406.00 to 23.00Mrigashirsha
13/05/202406.00 to 23.00Punarvasu, Pushya
19/05/202406.00 to 23.00Hasta
20/05/202406.00 to 23.00Chitra
23/05/202409.00 to 23.00Anuradha
24/05/202406.00 to 10.00Anuradha
27/05/202417.00 to 23.00Uttara Ashadha
30/05/202408.00 to 23.00Shatabhisha

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In June 2024

June, 2024
02/06/202406.00 to 23.00Revati
03/06/202406.00 to 23.00Ashwini
14/06/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
16/06/202406.00 to 23.00Hasta, Chitra
17/06/202406.00 to 23.00Chitra
24/06/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Ashadha

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In July 2024

July, 2024
03/07/202406.00 to 23.00Rohini
07/07/202406.00 to 23.00Pushya
12/07/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
17/07/202406.00 to 23.00Anuradha
21/07/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Ashadha
26/07/202406.00 to 23.00Revati
31/07/202406.00 to 23.00Mrigashirsha

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In August 2024

August, 2024
09/08/202406.00 to 23.00Hasta
11/08/202406.00 to 23.00Swati
23/08/202411.00 to 23.00Revati

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In September 2024

September, 2024
04/09/202406.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
05/09/202406.00 to 23.00Hasta
06/09/202406.00 to 15.00Hasta
08/09/202406.00 to 15.00Swati
13/09/202406.00 to 23.00Purva Ashadha
20/09/202406.00 to 21.00Ashwini
23/09/202406.00 to 23.00Rohini
27/09/202406.00 to 23.00Pushya

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In October 2024

October, 2024
03/10/202406.30 to 23.00Hasta
04/10/202406.30 to 23.00Chitra
14/10/202406.30 to 23.00Shatabhisha
17/10/202406.30 to 23.00Revati, Ashwini
21/10/202406.30 to 23.00Mrigashirsha
24/10/202406.30 to 23.00Pushya

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In November 2024

November, 2024
03/11/202406.30 to 23.00Anuradha
08/11/202406.30 to 23.00Uttara Ashadha
13/11/202407.00 to 23.00Revati
17/11/202407.00 to 23.00Rohini
18/11/202407.00 to 15.00Mrigashirsha
21/11/202407.00 to 15.00Pushya
25/11/202407.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
27/11/202407.00 to 23.00Chitra
28/11/202407.00 to 23.00Chitra, Swati

Naming Ceremony Dates and Muhurat In December 2024

December, 2024
06/12/202407.0 to 17.00Shravana
08/12/202407.10 to 16.00Shatabhisha
11/12/202408.00 to 23.00Ashwini
15/12/202408.00 to 23.00Mrigashirsha
22/12/202408.00 to 23.00Uttara Phalguni
23/12/202408.00 to 17.00Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
25/12/202408.00 to 23.00Chitra, Swati
26/12/202408.00 to 18.00Swati

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Wrapping up

So, are you ready to keep the naming ceremony or barsa ceremony for your baby?

Talk to an expert astrologer to check your baby’s horoscope in detail. He will assist you in fixing the right muhurat to perform the naming day ceremony in the right procedure.

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