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Gemini Yearly


The beginning of this year will be good for your financial status. It will also remain good to start by investing for long term financial goals.

It can be the ideal time to put in action long conceived plan to push ahead your financial prospects. The impact of Jupiter will encourage you to increase your knowledge about the financial planning.

However, as the year advances Saturn may bring some challenges with your finances since your financial planning may not be doing well. Venus around the month of February will ease the pressure and likely to bring some good earning opportunities.

So, you will be in a position to cater to all your required expenses with no major strain. Some constraints can hold you from accelerating pace to achieve your financial goals though.

So, don’t expect a big amount of financial gains despite your hard work during the first quarter of year. If you are bided by financial issues, then you should unleash your smart ideas around the month of April and try to generate more gains from those ideas.

North node may however provoke you to take some ambitious steps but you will require to maintain a balance in your financial planning. You will have comfortable stability around the month of May and you should not worry regarding money matters.

This phase can be a good lesson for you to work on your money management skills. Mercury will make you able to make some smart financial decisions around the month of June.

This phase will remain important for making systematic long term investments. Though you will have stable financial status, the impact of Saturn may probably teach you why it is important to have an emergency fund.

You are likely to get the best solution of some outstanding issues at your financial front around the month of August. And some new engagements may bring opportunities for financial growth.

Mercury will be telling you never to substitute your long term financial goal for few easy short term gains. Things will start looking up when it comes to your financial status from around the month of October.

But there can be highly volatile phases as well. So, you will have to act with a clear vision.

Around the end of this year, you will strive to overcome hurdles and hence financial gains will follow. Saturn will demand you to make good use of your finances.

Focus on your priorities and responsibilities and set aside enough money for future needs..

Yearly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

The year may remain favorable for your love life and relationship matters but as the year begins South Node can disrupt the harmony of your love life. There will be a lot of problems arising in relationship matters but Venus will give you chance to clear the air of confusions. In relationship matters, you need to find some time and space for each other regardless of your other commitments. Gradually around the mid of February, Venus will bless your love life and if you are not in relationship, you will come across a person who you will be interested in you. But don’t hurry up because the impact of North Node will be confusing during the first quarter of year. Saturn will force you to accept some facts in your relationship matters. Venus will make you full of love that you will not be able to stop yourself from celebrating the good moments around the end of April. Mars will help you to stimulate your love life and take relationship on a fresh new level. However, things will be highly emotional in your love life and you and your partner won’t be able to make some important decisions. The impact of South Node will make you see the difference between dreams and reality. You should be ready for a romantic time around the month of June. If you looking for a new relationship, Venus will bless you to find your match. Your love life will have full support of Venus around the month of July. But the phase around the August can be highly disruptive for your love life under the influence of Mars. The response from your partner may not go quite according to your desire. . Mercury suggests you to keep your relationship in balance and do not rush to plan for anything forward without taking into consideration your partner’s opinion as well. The period around the month of October can be the time to keep alert to vulnerable areas in your close relations. Changes are on the horizon for you in relationship issues. Around the end of this year, Venus will offer you a unique experience in your love life which can be worth exploring. It will be the perfect time to take charge and try new things in your love life. The impact of Venus will make your love life highly refreshing and rewarding.

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During this year, your health will be stable but you will require to bring some changes in your dietary plan to strengthen your immune system. You will get clarity about how to improve your fitness levels. In the beginning of this year, your health will be sensitive due to some old or existing health issues. Mars will help you to have good energy level and your fitness will also improve. The impact of Mercury may keep you in good cheer and improved health status from around the month of April. This can be a hectic phase hence you need to adjust your lifestyle so that you can improve on the health status. You are likely to feel some seasonal sickness around the month of May but you can be rest assured that there will not be any serious health disorders. Around the month of August, all the health issues even if they are minor should be attended to immediately so as to prevent them from becoming serious. Some old health issues may resurface and can affect your activities continuously around the month of September. Saturn will force you to quit addictions or at least reduce your addictions. Some health issues will be evident due to the addictions during the last quarter of year. Your stamina and vitality will improve gradually and you can expect much better health status around the end of this year.

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This year will remain highly productive for your career related matters. If you are doing business, you need to act with some caution in the beginning of this year, warns the Mercury. The impact of Mars will be felt hence get ready for some hectic work schedules and chaos. You, of course, can handle it all efficiently with ease and flair. Mercury will bring a good phase for negotiations in your career. Approach situations with an open mind in order to fetch maximum gains. Venus indicates that your creative vision will set you apart from the rest at your work place. However, the restrictive impact of South Node may make you feel blocked around the month of February. You can even look for job change. In your business, staying on task will require much more extra effort. The impact of North Node may bring some complex issues to face at your career front around the month of March but your smart moves may help you gain positive results. If you are doing business, some big decisions will loom large this time around, but you need to analyze carefully before you do anything. Mercury will bring positive momentum and likely to be favorable for making some important career moves from around the month of April. Change is in the air, if you are doing business. You will be extra sharp when it comes to take any vital decisions. But at times you may have too much going on at your work place to get caught up in lengthy discussions that go nowhere. Around the month of May, the impact of Jupiter will be highly favorable for your career. It will help you to find higher position. If you are into business, you can expect a significant increase in sales and new deals with increased financial flow. Here you should not hesitate to make a bold move. But, you must keep in mind that there will be some stiff competition in your way. From around the month of July, things will start getting better at your working place. You will get a lot of opportunities for the expansion and good gains in business. Due to blessings of Jupiter, the stuck projects are likely to move ahead and as you will get full support of luck, business will be flourished. Now, you need to be bold and keep looking for the opportunities that can help you in fulfilling your dream. Your workload will remain very high as the impact of North Node will be felt strong around the month of August. North Node may bring some change at your work place and if you are in business, you may see some good deals coming your way around the month of September. Jupiter will bring some amazing possibilities when it comes to your career progression during the last quarter of year. Saturn may make you feel temporarily stuck. But, you will be able to power through. Your unique and brilliant ideas can bring strong positive growth around the end of this year.

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As the year begins, you will have good planetary support in matter related to your studies and even if you are preparing for any competitive exams. If you are willing to put extra efforts, you will be fully supported by the Jupiter in your studies. The period around the month of February will be also a time to take as much as advantage of favorable planetary influence of Mercury in your studies. But Mars may make you a little overconfident or reckless hence your results may not be up to the mark in your studies. Planets will gradually direct you on the path of success in your studies as the year advances. Mercury will give you chance to go out and interact with experts and that will also make you able to expand your skillset. You may gain positive remarks for your performance in your studies around the month of April. The stars will force you to leave an easy going approach to witness better results in your studies. The initial phase of June could turn out to be a little tedious for your studies and you could lose your focus and patience. Mercury may gradually bring many opportunities that will help you get beneficial results in your studies though. If you are desirous of pursuing higher education abroad, you could find your wish fulfilled around the month of July. You may however have to keep in your mind that due to the impact of North Node some negative thoughts or wayward approach may interfere in your studies. Period around the month of August may bring some good opportunities in your studies to go ahead with regard to any new projects. But you may feel somewhat insecure or impatient with regards to some important projects in your studies. Gradually, your confidence in your studies will rise and it will make you do many things that you were not capable of doing before. You will do well in your studies during the last quarter of year and you may emerge top of your class as you will do well in your examinations. However, it will be necessary for you to keep away from bad company in order to avoid unnecessary issues in your studies.

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